Who Are We? What makes Clickagy unique?

We are Clickagy, a programmatic ad buying platform built around proprietary targeting intelligence, adapting in real-time to fluctuations in market conditions and unique campaign data. Our technology gets your ads in front of the right people at the right time to drive the most value to your campaign.

High-Performance Pedigree

Clickagy's founding team learned from the algorithmic trading world of the stock market (HFT on NASDAQ). We understand high-performance, low-latency, machine learning, and trend identification within big data. We laid the foundation of Clickagy with this experience, and subsequently built one of the most intelligent platforms in the industry. It is adaptive, responds to inputs in microseconds, and works relentlessly 24/7/365 to optimize your campaign.

Clickagy Outperforms

We are a unique blend of solutions, both proprietary and 3rd-party, obsessively focused on driving you the highest ROAS possible. Our platform evolves with every campaign, learning from every impression, click, and conversion. We mold around each campaign individually rather than feeding you cookie-cutter segments that hundreds of other companies are fighting over. We cut the fat, double-down on the effective, and never stop expanding. All in real-time.

Clickagy Never Stops Improving

Clickagy doesn't accept status quo. Even after we outperform every competitor, our machine learning continues to optimize your campaign. The advertising landscape is constantly changing: new sites are coming online, existing publishers are shuffling their layouts, and our visitor profiles are constantly evolving. Shouldn't your ad buying platform be watching these changes and reacting instantly? There is strong temporal influence in our platform, so as existing targeting becomes stale and new targeting gains momentum, your campaign will react ahead of the wave. Clickagy is driving the future of programmatic ad buying through real-time intelligence.

The Human Touch

Our platform does the heavy lifting that an entire team of campaign managers couldn't optimize, but sometimes a human touch is advantageous. All Clickagy managed accounts have experts auditing each campaign throughout the day, watching for opportunities where human intuition may be helpful. While they are not the train itself, they can lay the tracks to guide its direction. Furthermore our support line is answered around the clock to answer your questions or make campaign adjustments as situations change. Our platform is built on advanced technology, but our business is still run by humans, and you'll always be able to reach one. Your representative will work to translate your business requirements into actionable goals.

Our Solutions Empower your advertising campaign with big data intelligence

Targeted Display

Serving display ads is easy. Serving them to the right person in the right mindset is more difficult. That's where we come in! Leverage our intelligence to drive incredible ROAS.

Enhanced Retargeting

Not all retargeting is created equal. We apply data profiles on top of your audience to score those most likely to convert, then adapt how aggressive we target them accordingly.

Audience Expansion

By applying our petabyte-scale unstructured dataset to your audience segments, our algorithms can accurately identify and target high-value visitors, growing your reach without sacrificing quality.

Data-Driven SEM

We go beyond traditional SEM. We analyze your actual visitors, aggregate their historical attributes and identify behavioral trends. These then translate into new keywords for expanding to less competitive, but highly effective, "hidden gems"!

Big-Data Intelligence

Big data is useless without the ability to effectively use it. We have developed machine learning algorithms to continually analyze, process, and learn from our data, making real-time optimizations to your campaigns.

Real-Time Everything

Our entire platform operates in real-time, including our reports. Always know your exact campaign profitability down to the penny, and watch AORTA make sub-millisecond adaptations to your targeting.

Want to leverage Clickagy campaign intelligence?

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