Company History

Founded in early 2013, Clickagy is a leading provider of artificial intelligence-powered behavioral B2B intent data. The company was acquired by ZoomInfo (Nasdaq: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market (GTM) intelligence solutions, in October 2020.

Leveraging ZoomInfo’s best-in-class B2B intelligence, the acquisition advanced the power of Clickagy’s solution, adding new layers of audience customization and visibility to go-to-market teams to introduce first generation streaming intent data to the marketplace.

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Meet the CEO

Prior to the acquisition by ZoomInfo, Harry Maugans was the CEO and founder of Clickagy. While Clickagy is his latest entrepreneurial success, Harry founded two other successful companies, displaying a unique ability to identify opportunities within complex markets and across multiple verticals, including automotive and quantitative finance.

Harry is known not only for his abilities as a savant developer, but also as an energetic leader looking to bring a sense of truth and clarity to an otherwise opaque industry. He leads his team with a restless sense of passion and vigor. Before his entrepreneurial endeavors, Harry served as CTO Comserv Solutions, a full-service IT company predominantly helping SMBs.

He began his career as an IT professional while still in high school. He personally designed and coded what would later become one of the largest community-driven wallpaper websites in the world. This accomplishment earned him the esteemed “Youth Entrepreneur of the Year” award.

Following the acquisition, he became Vice President of Product Management at ZoomInfo.

Harry Maugans
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