Clickagy tracks behavioral data on 91% of online devices in the us every month. The world's most powerful companies trust Clickagy's unique 3rd party data to power their advertising & analytics.
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Imagine you could zoom out and see what everyone on the internet is doing in real-time. If you could cherry-pick specific people to reach based on content they're consuming, who would you target? Don't settle for status-quo or "close enough"... instead of a one-size-fits-some segment, Clickagy Audience Lab empowers you to surgically handcraft your ideal audience!

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Gun Rights vs Gun Control: The Unspoken Public Opinion

     There are few subjects that generate more fervent debate than gun control and gun rights. In the United States, mass shootings are all too common. From the Santa Fe High School tragedy to Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, these horrific tragedies plague our news. The trouble is it’s not possible to accurately determine […]

Not Your Mother’s… In-Market Mother’s Day Audience

Buying a gift for Mother’s Day is an example of procrastination at it’s finest. You’re not procrastinating if you’re thinking about doing it, right? So why not influence your Mother’s Day audience well in advance and capture the attention of the seasonal shoppers despite their early planning and late purchasing? Mother’s Day, the third highest […]

Improve Your DSP Campaign Performance with Clickagy Audience Data

Leveraging DSP capabilities for your programmatic buying is the first step in carving out your market share using leading-edge advertising. No matter which DSP you choose, your programmatic media campaigns will be far more effective when you leverage Clickagy to ensure your ads are reaching the proper target audience. More Impressions, Greater Cost Both CPCs […]