Does your digital advertising differentiate between fans and foes?

How good is the natural language processing engine of your advertising company? Are you sure that they even have one? In order to remain competitive in today’s display advertising market, advertising companies need to be capable of doing more than simply recognizing key words. They need to be able to understand those words. Deciphering between positive or negative, or, prevalence and relevance has become a prerequisite for competitive bidding over the past couple of years. If your digital advertising platform doesn’t understand context, then you’re probably wasting money. Worse, you could be serving ads to people that don’t even like you.

There’s a big difference between the advertising technology of yesterday (which is still everywhere) and the advertising technology of tomorrow (Clickagy!). The majority of ads being served today are still targeting consumers via different versions of “spray and pray” methodologies. Targeting a generic segment such as “In-Market Car Buyers”, with no additional granularity is a perfect example. How do you know they’re truly in-market?

One of the new ways Clickagy is creating an “edge” is by using our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine to derive meaning and contextual understanding from the pages where we serve ads.

For example – Clickagy’s NLP is smart enough to understand the difference between “Ford cars rock!” and “My Ford car is no better than a rock”. This capability is called “disambiguation” and is crucial for optimizing bidding efficiency.

As another example, what if a webpage is talking about a recall of 4,000 Ford vehicles? The word ‘Ford’ would be everywhere, but it would be the wrong time to promote an ad for a new Ford car. However, it would probably be a great time to show them an ad for a GM vehicle.

This level of understanding is critical if you want to stay competitive with your ad spend. If your ad-tech company doesn’t have this level of understanding, then you’re like the guy betting in the casino and our clients are the house.

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