Regional Expansion Planning with Clickagy Data Intelligence

Fast food restaurants, sales offices, retail locations, car dealerships, and countless other businesses frequently struggle with where to open their next location. Traditional research usually only goes as far as census data and surveys… but finally there’s a more accurate and scalable solution. Clickagy data can index geographic markets against keyword affinities, letting you know which locations show the highest propensity toward your product.

Let’s walk through a example: Acme Pharmaceuticals is looking to open a new satellite sales office, leading teams to educate local doctors on their new cholesterol drug. They know the average age of customer and some basic demographic data, but how can Acme figure out the which cities will face increasing cholesterol issues, without waiting for years of historical patient data to accumulate, then build stale trend reports?

Enter Clickagy. By tracking live online behaviors, we can aggregate hundreds of keywords that lead to issues with high cholesterol (fast food restaurants, bacon, cake recipes, etc), as well as deterministic data of people researching how to deal with their own high cholesterol, and even searches for competitor brand names. By building a heatmap of the affinities within each zip code, Acme Pharmaceuticals can leverage Clickagy data intelligence to identify real-time trends and actual indicators of high-risk areas. The exact same high-risk areas where Acme sales reps will find success.

There are nearly infinite of ways our data can be leveraged to identify geographic propensities, helping every industry from political campaigning to real estate development.

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