Tracking Brand Loyalty

Do you know how strong your brand loyalty is?  Some e-commerce companies track repeat purchases, but proper attribution makes that challenging, especially with varying length buy cycles.  How do you know if they went to a competitor, or just haven’t rebought yet?  Other companies try surveys, but it’s difficult to make business decisions off a tiny percent of your audience, especially if it’s not a representative sample (perhaps the wordings drove 5x higher young, female responses, skewing results).


Clickagy is the first and only company to offer a solution.  What if you could model an exact, quantifiable affinity from your entire audience?  The moment one of your customers starts researching a competitor, their affinity toward your brand will lessen.  Once they begin browsing that competitor’s site, their brand affinity will begin dropping quickly.  If a competitive purchase is made, it’ll drop even further.  Our platform analyzes trillions of data points every month across a massive amount of internet browsing activity, and anonymously aggregates trends and patterns to extract actionable insights, unavailable anywhere else.  This unprecedented data is made possible via Clickagy’s massive data visibility, and machine learning models generated by some of the world’s leading data scientists.


Unparalleled brand loyalty data is fantastic, but how is it actionable?  There are two primary ways our clients leverage this insight: direct marketing or strategic segmentation.  With direct marketing, Clickagy can digitally advertise to subsets of your audience based on their brand affinity (high affinity for rewards/loyalty programs, or low affinity for churn/retention).  Strategic segmentation allows you to separate your audience into groups, then validate product positioning, creative production, alternative messaging, geographic propensities, and other business strategies through A/B testing to see which group exhibits the strongest response.

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