Food for Thought: Grocery Buying Audiences

We live in the age of the FOODIE, however, serving gourmet ads to the wrong audience won’t cause your product or brand to run off of the supermarket shelves. Influencing and engaging with household grocery shoppers isn’t as simple as it may seem. The grocery store industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the US, which is why marketers should treat themselves to farm-to-table data. As consumers continue to generate unprecedented amounts of data, leveraging behavioral data has become more valuable.

Having access to behavioral data allows marketers to paint a deeper, more complete picture of their customers. Yes, everyone eats, but tailor your marketing to groups according to how they eat. Rather than serving online ads to an endless number of users, use highly-targeted data to reach those who are especially interested in cooking with an ad set that resonates on a more personal level. Clickagy’s pairs well with a well-orchestrated creative campaign specific to certain subset shoppers. With insights into preferences, wants, and needs, Clickagy can help you target the customers who are most likely to meet your campaign goals in their specific sweet spot. 

Avoid targeting those who question why people cook when they can order delivery or take-away as well as those who have no interest in cooking at all (the ones that consider it a time-consuming chore). Instead, target those who have been observed researching trendy new recipes or love the social side of food and enjoy hosting dinner for friends and family. Or reach shoppers who dislike cooking with ads that promote ready-made meals. Behavioral data allows you to separate the two kinds of shoppers.

Behavioral targeting is especially important to more niche grocery store brands. Vegan, gluten-free, or allergy specific food needs represent a real part of the market, and in most cases, these consumers have to do the research themselves. Let behavioral targeting do the heavy lifting! If you market for a plant-based grocery store and want to reach a larger part of the vegan market, serve ads to consumers regarding your fresh organic produce that just earned a place in a regional supermarket. Or target the same customer with an ad selling the new “Impossible” vegan burgers that have hit the market with a sizzle. Instead of marketing to consumers who do not have a preference for plant-based food, target those who are either well-established vegans or ones who have been researching how to make the switch. 

Build an online marketing campaign designed to reach the most receptive audiences by using behavioral data. Clickagy is able to better identify what products shoppers want today and what they’ll be searching for tomorrow. Contact our team today for more information!

Solve Your Analytics Problem With Behavioral Data

In these decades of accelerated change, marketers seeking success stick to the most fundamental tenet of their trade: understanding their customers. Every brand’s success is built on that foundation. The best marketers of all get that, so using high-quality data to fuel your analytics solutions and reach an accurate understanding of your consumers is essential.

In a perfect world, the gears of behavioral analytics are well-greased by high response rates to surveys and feedback from positive and insightful consumers. However, marketers like you deal with a world in which the opposite is true. For a laughably high price, only inconsistent and small-scale survey data is available for purchase, leaving a high-quality or conclusive analysis of that data totally out of the question.

Just like you hope to do, Clickagy sees the need of its customers and meets the analytics quality problem head-on with a solution so simple: behavioral data that actually means something. By collecting all of our own data, we ensure its quality. By packaging it ourselves, we guarantee “freshness”. And by understanding its implications, we direct our clients toward success and leave them satisfied and asking for more. That’s the beauty of our “farm-to-table” data. 

Think about the last time you read an interesting statistic about the online behavior of consumers only to realize that it was released months ago, rendering even its most basic implication useless to you? Clickagy has sidestepped that problem by collecting all of its data in real-time, curating and improving our segments as we go to ensure data that is relevant to your analytics team right now.  

Here’s another move that you really can’t ignore: we are cheaper than most other behavioral data solutions.  At $0.69 CPM for pre-existing audiences and $0.99 CPM for custom, Clickagy data would save your budget even if it kept the same low standard other companies settle for. 

Or, maybe you have a budget large enough that the quality of data matters less than the quantity. That’s okay by us; we can handle your demand for scale. But in the face of any size project, we will continue to insist on meeting your demand for scale with quality data that scores. 

Take a look at our curated audiences to see what questions we can help answer or contact our sales team to learn more about custom audiences tailored to your specific ask!

The Many Faces of the Cosmetic Industry

In today’s ruthless beauty business, having a vague idea of who’s in your target audience is not enough. A profound knowledge of your intended audience is a vital part of engaging this particular group of consumers. Don’t cast such a wide net to reach as many consumers as possible that you waste money reaching those who are completely uninterested in everything the cosmetic industry has to offer. A misuse of segmentation could make you lose out on business and miss sales opportunities.

Whether it’s a large or niche market, targeting a specific group of people who have shown an interest in your products or services is a key part of pushing content that is effective. It’s essential for smaller cosmetics companies with a limited marketing budget to focus on a specific market segment. This will narrow down who you are marketing to and, at the same time, increase your ROI because you’ll be spending less and targeting better consumers. 

Instead of marketing to the masses and hoping to reach some with the right message, Clickagy’s innovative segments of accurate 3rd party data will increase ROI while eliminating wasted spend. Our existing audiences in the cosmetology industry currently reach: 

Hair Care

A large number of hair products are available to meet the growing demands of the industry – from shampoo to styling products. Today, consumers are concerned about their hair aesthetics as well as scalp nourishment for longer, healthier, thicker hair. The professional hair care marketing is thriving in both products and beauty salons. This target segment includes consumers who have been observed researching different types of hair care products online. 


Makeup application is often considered an art form! This colorful market includes anything from blush to lip stains that women of all ages and races find appealing. As the beauty market continues to defy gravity, reach the right consumers when they are prepared to purchase an item to add to their colorful collection. As makeup gurus know so well, slight differences make a huge impact. We’ll help you reach everyone according to their own taste and skin type. 

Clickagy can overlay a filter on segments to better help you reach those who are observed researching makeup free of parabens, harmful chemicals, or organic products. Clean cosmetics are trendy, and targeting individuals who are interested in eco-friendly, green, and healthy products is a niche that Clickagy offers based on a consumer’s lifestyle.

Skin Care

Regardless of age, skin care is an important part of taking care of the body. Everyone wants flawless skin, and consumers are willing to pay any amount to get that glow back. One driving force behind skin care is the demand for natural or organic products. This health trend has consumers researching products without chemicals, parabens, additives, or fillers in them. From anti-aging products to BB or CC creams, this audience is filled with consumers who have been observed researching products that will hydrate and fix their skin. 

There’s no denying the value of marketing with clean data. With years of expertise, Clickagy offers effective market segments to help you target your consumers’ purchasing behavior. Let us add a little highlight to your life by increasing your ROI. Contact our team today! 

Build Your Own Burger (Market Segment)

Purchasing 3rd party data is like assembling your perfect burger…or market segment. Only, it has to be the most satisfyingly gut-busting, best-dressed, seared to a sizzle-crisp market segment that you will ever take a bite out of. If I could use an emoji in this post, it would be drooling.

Put your finger on the pulse of the nation with Clickagy’s farm-fresh 3rd party data and be confident that your campaign will reach your intended audience. Clickagy offers pre-made and custom market segments made to order:

1. Decide what to eat:
By carefully subdivide your target market into segments that will best fit the product or service you are marketing instead of targeting all of the segments possible. With that in mind, what do you want your burger to ultimately taste like? A little spicy chipotle or a tad sweeter with grilled pineapple? How about adding a Southwest theme with perfectly crisp and salty hickory-smoked bacon topped with a homemade bacon aioli? Whatever your chosen medley of tastes may be, you definitely want to avoid the flavor of lighter fluid (black box segments) — trust me on this one.

What does your campaign need?

– Big or small audiences: Whether it be a regular-size burger or a slider version, your market segment will be packed with flavor. Always look at the monetary potential of a segment rather than the number of people in a segment. Take advantage of the expansive reach at your fingertips and deliver your marketing message to your desired audience.

– Granularity or scale: 80/20 ground beef is the perfect blend that results in a moist, juicy burger. We avoid the pre-packaged frozen hamburger altogether and focus on quality data. The more granulated a segment is, the deeper the details go. The details are important, and we provide them at scale.

– Custom or ready-made: From the classic, tried-and-true, all-American garnishes to ones that borrow flavors from popular international cuisines, you can customize your burger to your liking. Or, order a pre-crafted burger that’s never been frozen from a professional. Customize your burger toppings to suit your taste preferences. Our granularity allows you to create custom segments that meet the needs of each one of your campaigns.

2. Make the burger using Audience Lab:
So, you’ve chosen to make a Mexican cheeseburger that is going to hit your taste buds in the most mouthwatering way. To ensure that your burger has that scrumptious oomph to it, you’d handcraft the patties, adding a spicy homemade salsa, before throwing them onto a grill. Then, top it off by heading to the garden for farm-fresh ingredients to make a fresh batch of guacamole. It’s so handcrafted, it’s like a master chef made it.

Our Clickagy segments are created with similar care and intentionality. Since Clickagy is a farm-to-table data company, we prepare everything from scratch. Our AI NLP processor browses web pages for keywords, ranking them according to relevance. With accuracy and scale, Clickagy can reach both broad populations and controlled audiences with specific interests, all in real-time.

Clickagy Joins LUMAscapes as Data Supplier

Atlanta, GA (April 8th, 2019) – Clickagy announces their inclusion to LUMA Partner’s Display LUMAscape, a document that identifies key players within each subset of the Ad Tech universe. As a data supplier, Clickagy collects real-time behavioral data and offers the ability for marketers to build customized audiences of their ideal consumers.

Leading investment bank and Ad Tech consultant, LUMA Partners focuses primarily on digital media and marketing. They feature 19 LUMAscapes highlighting select companies and offer a way to understand a complex and rapidly growing industry. These essential visual guides provide a substantive way to showcase the major players in the technology market.

Clickagy CEO, Harry Maugans, is grateful to LUMA Partners for honoring Clickagy with an addition to their most recent LUMAscape. “Clickagy’s Audience Lab team is excited to provide access to high-quality data to those working with LUMAscapes. We’re honored to be recognized as an industry leader in behavioral data.“ Maugans says. “The powerful results achieved with our real-time data will help clients move forward within their industries.”

Of the top-tier data providers listed in the LUMAscape, Clickagy is the only one to offer real-time data to its clients, ensuring clients can maximize campaign return through higher data relevancy and precision. Today Clickagy solidifies its spot as a premier global data supplier by joining the ranks of LUMA Partners’ LUMAscapes.


Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. The farm-to-table data company leads the industry in innovative data-driven target solutions. With data that is never modeled of watered down, Clickagy offers thousands of curated taxonomy segments, composed via real-time behavioral intent. By collecting granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing campaign profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords. Using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence-based NLP, Clickagy crawls webpages and extracts keywords, scoring each from 1-100% based on relevancy. Due to the unmatched scale and accuracy that Clickagy data commands, Clickagy’s data is repeatedly proven among the highest precision in the marketing industry today.

LUMA, the leading strategic advisory platform in digital media and marketing, offers widely referenced resourceful content that delivers insights into the complex marketing ecosystem. Their exclusive focus on digital media and marketing covers Media, Technology, Marketing, Ad Tech, Digital Content, and MarTech. They have become an industry standard across all critical categories within the digital marketing landscape.

For more information contact

What to Do When Your Product – or Brand – Becomes Obsolete

Marketing becomes tricky for products that are no longer popular among their traditional target audience. We all feel for the stressed-out marketers behind gas-guzzling cars, traditional CDs, plastic straws, or bubblegum cigarettes. If you are worried this could be you someday soon, all of your people and resources are probably focused on staying relevant and avoiding the catastrophe of becoming obsolete.  

One way to get at your problem is to generate some good PR buzz with philanthropic efforts or educational endeavors. You can alter your traditional packaging to better attract a newer consumer base or to reconnect to the old one. You can even do what what Nike did, and tap into the right side of a controversy to generate buzz in the news cycle. When all this fails, your alternative option is to diversify your brand and create a new product that will weather the modern market with more success.  

No matter what you decide to do to stay relevant, your brand needs a strong advertising campaign that holds your stake in the market securely with nuance and rhythm. When you roll that out, it is essential that you target the right consumers. There are people out there who need your products! Your team has long since identified this group. You’ve likely thought “if only we could resonate with (insert niche of people here)” at one point or another, or stared longingly at a competitor’s brilliant campaign as they attract your desired demographic.    

Clickagy technology is the solution to this problem. With our unique data platform, we consider the ins and outs of the audience you hope to reach, Clickagy will generate the kind of game-changing data your brand needs to add to it’s campaign in order to reach your strongest consumer base.

What if you haven’t identified all the consumers who are the future of your brand? Clickagy’s insights are the backbone of everything we do. Let us analyze the market to find those pockets of consumers you are missing. We have the technology and the scale to generate the insight you are looking for. Once we have identified a scalable segment of consumers interested in your product, we will package them into an audience, ready for your revitalizing campaign.

Clickagy has the scale and accuracy to reach any audience you need. With a powerful set of Clickagy data mobilizing your programmatic campaign like wind in a sail, your brand will be rejuvenated whether you walk with tradition or chart new waters.  

Call us today, and we will make sure your message reaches the right audience.  

Reach News Readers in your Next Campaign

Right now, the majority of American adults still prefer to get their news on TV.  However, this is changing rapidly, as technology dominates more and more of every market.  As recently as 2013, only 54% of adults used their phones to read the news, while today that number has grown to a substantial 74%.  This may be due in part to the fact that younger generations take up a larger portion of the news market every year, while older generations grow more comfortable with online resources as a whole.  

As this market shifts, Clickagy has stepped up to accommodate it. Clickagy draws data from the online news world, and uses those news sources to inform its audiences. So, when your target consumers show a specific interest in a news story that is relevant to your targeting goal, Clickagy collects that data and is ready to leverage this audience of news readers at a mere nod from you. This strategy could launch your next great success story.

What does that look like specifically?  Here are five ways that narrative could manifest:

B2B Industry News

If you are a B2B brand, your focused B2B buyers will want to be aware of what is going on in their industry. When a reader is shown viewing an article specific to their industry, this is a pretty important indication that they have a particular stake or interest in it. Even if the reader does not have a seat in the company as a buyer in any official capacity, they have daily contact with those who do. Do not overestimate the value of name recognition in the purchasing process, especially among those surrounding the decision makers on a daily basis.  

Brand News

If your brand is making waves in the news, the consumers most interested in your brand will be paying attention. Even if your brand has made the news for a bad reason, this audience will be a crucial target for your next campaign. If your brand faces this sort of media attention, Clickagy will build an audience of consumers that are paying attention to these events so your next campaign can focus on consumers already proven to care.  

Competitor News

On the other hand, if it is your competition that has just made a splash in the news, work that situation in your favor as well. Whether their media attention is for something positive or negative for their brand, consumers are going to be interested in the articles that surface. We’ll build an audience of these consumers interested in your competition so you can target consumers when your competition is in the spotlight, and offer them another option.

Political Campaigning

If your marketing efforts benefit a political candidate or a promotional effort for a new bill, targeting voters according to the news they read is going to be a critical tool in your belt. Certain voters are more likely to be interested in a story or news source than others and your campaign is in the perfect place to take advantage of that. We’ll grab an audience of voters based on who is paying attention to issues swing voters are most interested in, while you plan a convincing campaign to target to them.  

Celebrity News

It is no secret that some products sell really well when they are endorsed by popular celebrities.  If you are a major B2C brand that relies heavily on celebrity endorsements, a Clickagy audience of news readers is a perfect fit. Reach consumers fixated on one of your celebrity ambassadors by targeting consumers who read news about them. The addition of this strategy to your cross-channel marketing plan will boost your product’s success even more.  

Avoid falling into all the same weary patterns all your competitors do!  Try targeting news readers and benefit from the gold mine of a largely untouched world of online data. Clickagy gathers data from billions of devices every day, and we are ready to power your next record-breaking campaign. Contact us today!

Optimize Your Millennial Reach with Psychographic Powered Demographics

Consciously or not, millennials digest a considerable amount of content each day, crafting a symbiotic relationship with data. They are the first generation to grow up with unlimited access to relevant information, leading them to be the most talked about generation in today’s marketing atmosphere.

A generation isn’t a label, a category or a simple demographic. It’s more like a type of behavioral targeting and the better you understand generational behaviors, the better your ROI. Are you effectively reaching, attracting, and retaining millennials? If they are your target market and your data isn’t accurately finding them, then your cost of marketing to the wrong consumers is huge!

The ever-changing consumer landscape is largely made up of Generation Y who are demanding more personalized experiences. As a marketer, you need to speak your audience’s language of using organic keywords that resonate with them rather than a younger generation. Most people assume that millennials are all 25-year-olds, un- or under- employed, living back home in mom and dad’s basement.  Millennials are going through a variety of life stages and lifestyles within the age group of 19-36.

Millennials are no longer the college students with participation trophies in their overly decorated dorm rooms. Millennials are the ones purchasing diapers for their first or second child, immediately after searching for their favorite high school hits from Hinder and Nelly Furtado that they used to download from LimeWire. They’re the families with subscriptions to a meal delivery service because their careers are so demanding that they don’t have time to make grocery runs, clean the house, and cook. They utilize tech to make their lives a little bit easier.

Today’s negative perception of millennials varies greatly from who they are. Millennial’s transition between young and middle-aged adults makes them harder to pin down, but we’ve got the solution for you! Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving behavior of millennials with Clickagy as we uncover common patterns to create more accurate segments by observing online behavior as it occurs. Clickagy’s innovative way of using psychographic powered demographics helps you reach those you didn’t know were even part of the segment.

By using psychographics to identify the millennial generation, Clickagy is able to place users into a more accurate demographic than other data providers. With Clickagy’s data, you are able to reach your best fit.

Contact our team members today, and we promise you won’t have to smash that mute button because there’s no static here! Just pure Farm-to-Table data.

The Heart of Valentine’s Marketing

Consumers spend a lot of money on love, and love ain’t cheap! Feel the love of an increased ROI by connecting to the right audience before the cards, candy, and flowers are handed out. Deliver what your consumers want before they know they want it. Market segmentation is a great way to reach your audience on a personal level.

Digital marketing brings home the bacon…or heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Marketers segment their audiences into smaller subsets in order to target the right devices with the right marketing messages. Segmentation can be overwhelming at times, especially when you’re trying to get ahead of your competitors for a seasonal retail holiday like Valentine’s Day.

At Clickagy, we understand that it’s important to carefully consider when and how you’ll send out a marketing message, so let us take care of the who in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. If you’re still uncertain about how you’ll boost your conversion metrics, take a look at Clickagy’s real-time audience segments to increase the probability of purchases:

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is an industry in itself, and consumers usually leave their purchases for their loves to the last minute. This audience is interested in the classic, cookie-cutter gifts that overflow the store shelves with pink and red. Help them with great new greeting card ideas or even boxes of chocolates with mini bottles of Baileys inside. Stand out by the crowd by giving this audience little hints before they realize that V-day is on its way.


Jewelry is a great gift for every occasion, especially a holiday centered around romance. Engage the right consumers when sending out marketing content intended to capture their attention. Speaking of jewelry…you might want to sit down for this one…some consumers in this audience will use jewelry as the ultimate expression of love, and to fuel their perfect proposal they’ll need the perfect engagement ring. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged!


Lovebirds around the US don’t know that California is the main domestic floral producer, but that’s the last thing on their mind when aimlessly wandering around the web searching for the best deals on last-minute blooms. This audience has been observed researching different types of flower bouquets and their meanings for special occasions.

Romantic Getaways

Cue up the violins, rose petals on the bed, and a bottle of bubble. It’s time for these consumers to pack their bags and board a flight to your resort or rental. From a spa in the Grand Cayman to a log cabin hideaway in the Smoky Mountains, taking a couples vacation for V-Day makes for a perfect escape. Target this audience before they know exactly where they want to go, and before they get away from you.


Roses are red, violets are blue…booze costs less than dinner for two. Whether they do a Secret-Santa style Valentine’s exchange or play Tinder roulette, singles make up a huge part of the Valentine’s Day audience. Some may celebrate with ‘Galentine’s Day’ or throw an anti-V-Day party, both of which will serve up a tasty cocktail or two. Target those looking to cheat February 14th to enjoy a discounted dinner for two or a half off couples massage with their bestie. Or, capitalize on those investing in some much-needed retail therapy leading up to the day itself.

Valentine’s audience segments are not confined to the floral industry, and by slicing the audience into various segments you won’t limit yourself. Instead, work with Clickagy to target the audience that will best fit your campaign.

Segments Designed for the Runway

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Take advantage of the changing of the seasons to share new fashion designs to a highly targeted audience. Partnering with Clickagy is the perfect way to increase your marketing ROI!

No one can afford to target everyone; precision marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars and brand messages on a specific audience. Your business can gain a competitive advantage by targeting a niche market while maintaining an affordable and effective marketing plan. Consider a granular approach that directly targets those who are interested in purchasing the latest fashion trends with the following segments:

Athletic Wear

The leisure trend surrounding activewear has become so popular that is has carved out a niche for itself in the clothing industry. It’s even garnered a spot in the Merriam-Webster dictionary under ‘Athleisure’. Use this audience segment to capture the attention of those who wear activewear for exercising, for lounging outfits, or for both style and functionality!


From people in search of monogrammed bikinis to name brand swim trunks, the swimwear market attracts a lot of attention. Reach consumers looking for the perfect, best-fitting swimsuit for their upcoming cruise; they’re looking for your product, all you have to do is make sure they receive your message.

Bridal & Wedding

No two brides are alike and not every bridal party is in the same target market. From wedding dress rentals to cufflinks and studs for the groom, you’ll find the perfect fit within this segment. People in this audience have been observed researching attired that includes clothing, shoe, and jewelry worn by the bride, groom, or bridal party to wedding venues and cake tastings. From brands like J. Crew to Vera Wang, we’ve got you covered!


Lingerie can be purchased by women looking to feel sexy or by loved ones buying gifts! This audience appreciates pieces that flatter their body types, fits well, and is comfortable. The purchaser could be looking to wear items for a special occasion or simply love the provocative style that it adds to their everyday wardrobe.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how Clickagy’s data will benefit your ROI, contact our sales team below.

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