Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy with Cookieless Behavioral Targeting

2020 hit the digital marketing world like a train of confusion, finger-pointing, and discord. With a wealth of information circulating about CCPA and privacy policy updates via popup and email, CCPA is dominating the marketing rhetoric online. Beyond this, Europe’s GDPR is nearly two years old and yet it continues to terrorize advertising norms in Europe without a solution in sight. Major brands with enormous power in the marketing space (ehem… Google, Facebook, we are looking at you) have changed the rules by rolling out anti-cookie policy changes that promise to make a muddled mess of programmatic, all under the sophism of user privacy. Needless to say, digital marketers are not at all prepared for what this new decade will bring.

Clickagy, the 3rd party data collecting, conglomerate-challenging, ping-pong playing, programmatic disruptor from an artsy suburb of Atlanta saw these changes coming. After over a year of planning and development, we crafted a solution that cracks the privacy code and sustains campaign success in an attributable and future-proof way. 

We call this solution Privacy Clusters.

Privacy Clusters is our checkmate move to dominate an industry that needs a privacy complaint targeting solution ASAP.  Our newest flagship product allows brands to navigate a fully privacy compliant targeting strategy, able to reach customers based on observed behavioral data in real-time. 

What are Privacy Clusters? In a nutshell, Privacy Clusters are persistent micro-groupings of approximately 3-5 devices that are mathematically bound together to act as a single, trackable and targetable entity. Privacy Clusters qualify for segments just as cookies used to, include devices like iPhones that block cookies, and are targetable across all programmatic channels.

Clickagy’s Privacy Clusters solution stands out in the market as the only viable solution to compliance standards because of one simple difference: absolutely no personally identifiable information is used. No cookies, no email hashes, no IP addresses, no PII of any kind. As such, Privacy Clusters are compliant in every regulatory environment because no consumer data is captured or at risk. Furthermore, Privacy Clusters do not require notice or opt-in consent for tracking, as they’re not privacy invasive on a 1-to-1 level. When leveraging Privacy Clusters, every person and device are entirely anonymous and all messages are delivered within the safety of the micro-group, protecting individuals from rampant gross privacy violations resulting in the inappropriate or dangerous collection or sale of their personal data.  Privacy Clusters are a unique and powerful technology for marketers to respect and protect the privacy of their customers, while still leveraging accurate behavioral data to power enterprise-class marketing and analytics.

What All this Means for You

AdTech is standing at a crossroads, one where it must choose either evolution or a dramatic loss of potency. Privacy Clusters offer a way to press forward through the “cookiepocalypse” and rapidly tightening government regulations.  We have built a solution where your marketing can still reach the right eyes and ears without giving up on data and reverting to old fashioned strategies like contextual targeting or other ineffective mass marketing. Privacy Clusters allow you to maintain the advertising efficacy you are used to while maintaining compliance with constantly changing worldwide privacy legislation.  

Privacy Clusters are the most effective way to future-proof your digital marketing strategy.

Want to see it in action? Visit https://www.privacyclusters.com for a live demo!

For more information, reach out to our sales team at sales@clickagy.com.

Clickagy Data Powers Innovative BIGDBM Email Recency Platform

Clickagy data is now powering BIGDBM’s newest dynamic marketing engine, the eRV (Email Recency Validation) platform. The eRV application protects campaigns from high bounce rates and bad results by testing clients’ email records for recency, solving the increasingly prevalent issue of old or fraudulent email data. The average eRV client reaches an extraordinarily low hard bounce rate of less than one third the average across all industries, dramatically lifting campaign outcomes as a result.  

BIGDBM CEO and digital marketing veteran Brad Mack is excited about the proven success of eRV. “The platform is so effective because the data behind it is pure, thorough and the execution of the process is smooth throughout,” Mack says. “We wanted Clickagy to power the eRV because we know they produce the most accurate behavioral data out there, at a scale that can keep up with our platform’s needs.”

The results of the eRV application have exceeded expectations across the board. A recent client using the application received a 98.76% delivery success rate and only saw 0.117% hard bounces. They report that the results of the campaign are some of the best they have ever seen.   

The data behind the product comes from Clickagy’s powerful reservoir of behavioral data derived from users browsing web pages in real-time. Clickagy has recently made collecting consumer identifiers one of its primary objectives, including finding and verifying recent and relevant emails for over 100 million internet users. For any given email uploaded to the eRV platform, Clickagy is able to analyze the last time that user was seen by our system anywhere online. BIGDBM ingests that information and prioritizes emails by recency in order to preserve open and click rates.  All emails in the Clickagy database are hashed with a cryptographically secure algorithm in order to maintain privacy compliance standards.

Harry Maugans, CEO of Clickagy, emphasizes the industry’s need for systems like eRV that keep poor quality data in check.  “Old, useless, and fraudulent data has become a huge issue for the marketing ecosystem. Now with the innovation of BIGDBM and Clickagy data fueling the ship, eRV clients are able to protect themselves from the damaging effects of bad email data.  I am excited by the potential of this new product!” Maugans says. 

The eRV product is a self-service application, allowing the user to process files on their own. The user logs  in to the portal and uploads their email file for analysis. The eRV sends an email when the analysis is complete and the user can download the now verified emails for a campaign with confidence.  

Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. With data that is never modeled or watered down, Clickagy offers 3,000+ premade audiences of real-time consumers. By collecting real-time, granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing business profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords. 

BIGDBM is a data technology, software development company that owns some of the best big data in the industry. BIGDBM is continuously designing and developing self-service software applications built on big data, running in-cloud infrastructure in highly secure environments, leveraging analytics and yielding high profits and rapid growth. The BIGDBM technology strategy includes highly accurate and automated data processing, cloud infrastructure, MS Azure platform-as-a-service, Cloudera/Hadoop Data Management Platform, APIs, a Marketing Automation Platform, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

For more information about this recent partnership, contact pr@clickagy.com or  brad@bigdbm.com.

Clickagy Joins LUMAscapes as Data Supplier

Atlanta, GA (April 8th, 2019) – Clickagy announces their inclusion to LUMA Partner’s Display LUMAscape, a document that identifies key players within each subset of the Ad Tech universe. As a data supplier, Clickagy collects real-time behavioral data and offers the ability for marketers to build customized audiences of their ideal consumers.

Leading investment bank and Ad Tech consultant, LUMA Partners focuses primarily on digital media and marketing. They feature 19 LUMAscapes highlighting select companies and offer a way to understand a complex and rapidly growing industry. These essential visual guides provide a substantive way to showcase the major players in the technology market.

Clickagy CEO, Harry Maugans, is grateful to LUMA Partners for honoring Clickagy with an addition to their most recent LUMAscape. “Clickagy’s Audience Lab team is excited to provide access to high-quality data to those working with LUMAscapes. We’re honored to be recognized as an industry leader in behavioral data.“ Maugans says. “The powerful results achieved with our real-time data will help clients move forward within their industries.”

Of the top-tier data providers listed in the LUMAscape, Clickagy is the only one to offer real-time data to its clients, ensuring clients can maximize campaign return through higher data relevancy and precision. Today Clickagy solidifies its spot as a premier global data supplier by joining the ranks of LUMA Partners’ LUMAscapes.


Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. The farm-to-table data company leads the industry in innovative data-driven target solutions. With data that is never modeled of watered down, Clickagy offers thousands of curated taxonomy segments, composed via real-time behavioral intent. By collecting granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing campaign profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords. Using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence-based NLP, Clickagy crawls webpages and extracts keywords, scoring each from 1-100% based on relevancy. Due to the unmatched scale and accuracy that Clickagy data commands, Clickagy’s data is repeatedly proven among the highest precision in the marketing industry today.

LUMA, the leading strategic advisory platform in digital media and marketing, offers widely referenced resourceful content that delivers insights into the complex marketing ecosystem. Their exclusive focus on digital media and marketing covers Media, Technology, Marketing, Ad Tech, Digital Content, and MarTech. They have become an industry standard across all critical categories within the digital marketing landscape.

For more information contact pr@clickagy.com.

PushSpring and Clickagy Partner to Bring Industry-Leading Data to Mobile

ATLANTA (November 20, 2018)  Clickagy announces a new partnership with audience marketplace PushSpring in a development that brings real-time behavioral data to the in-app market for the first time. Clickagy is now an integral part of PushSpring’s new custom audience building platform, Audience Marketplace, where marketers can build customizable audiences for same-day cross-device activation.  

PushSpring’s dedication to generating privacy complaint audiences of data from real consumers aligns well with Clickagy’s “farm-to-table” strategy. Clickagy collects all of its own data and creates handcrafted custom audiences free of modeling.

Clickagy CEO, Harry Maugans, is enthusiastic about the many opportunities this partnership presents. “The industry is changing at a breakneck speed and in-app has always been a limited channel for strategic targeting. The partnership between Clickagy and PushSpring enables performance-focused marketers access to a dataset previously unavailable,” Maugans says. “PushSpring has broken down many of the hurdles, and now with the addition of Clickagy’s behavioral data, the third rail has been crossed.”

Erica Chriss, PushSpring EVP of Business Development says, “The PushSpring team is excited to provide Audience Marketplace customers access to high-quality Clickagy behavioral data. Clickagy offers first-party cookie data on brands and provides brand affinity data across the Marketplace. With this data, customers are able to create custom audiences of users who have been observed researching specific brands or products, layering other Marketplace data sets to create a broad or precise audience, whichever meets their campaign goals. We look forward to growing this partnership with Clickagy and continuing to provide Marketplace customers with industry-leading data.”

Audiences created using Clickagy Data on the PushSpring platform can be securely sent to trusted DSP and DMP partners for same-day activation.  


Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. With data that is never modeled of watered down, Clickagy offers 3,000+ premade audiences of real-time consumers. By collecting real-time, granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing business profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords.  

PushSpring is the leading independent mobile app audience data provider, offering data, tools, and intelligence products to advertisers and mobile app publishers. PushSpring processes billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals to create a highly accurate and complete multi-dimensional classification of mobile app audiences, offering nearly 200 million targetable device IDs. PushSpring Audiences, as well as a collection of partner provided data sets, can be accessed via the Pushspring Audience Console and distributed through industry leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms. PushSpring has direct integrations with The Trade Desk, Google DBM, MediaMath, Centro, LiveRamp DataStore, and Oracle Data Cloud, as well as dozens of ad network platforms, to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and app owners. PushSpring is a member of the IAB, MMA and the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

For more information about this recent partnership, contact pr@clickagy.com or hello@pushspring.com.  

Clickagy CEO Harry Maugans to Present Powerful Campaign Successes at AASA Tech Conference

Harry Maugans, CEO of Clickagy, will be speaking on October 2, 2018 at the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) Tech Conference. Maugans was invited through a partnership with MontAd Media, a group that boasts a prominent influence on the automotive parts and aftermarket industry. He will share insights regarding the ways that parts and aftermarket companies can use new technology to identify and connect with hard to reach audiences.

Al Haberstroh, partner and Chief Strategy Officer for MontAd Media says, “Clickagy technology is a game changer for the aftermarket. It solves many marketing pain points and opens new sales opportunities that could never be pursued before.”

The presentation will discuss:
• How third party data can be used effectively in the aftermarket space
• The benefits of targeting in-market consumers and B2B buyers
• Case study examples of what a successful targeting campaign looks like

Clickagy’s partnership with MontAd media reaches across the data and auto parts space to create an effective method for reaching auto aftermarket consumers in real-time while they are still in-market for products. The partnership has already successfully generated a commercial vehicle brakes campaign that delivered over 250% improvement in click through rate (CTR), view through rate (VTR), and cost per conversion (CPC).

For more information, please contact pr@clickagy.com.

2018 3rd Party Data Pricing Discount!

Thank you to every brand and agency that helped Clickagy experience an explosive 2017!  As we kick off 2018, we’re looking to continue our aggressive market expansion, helping clients crush their campaign goals!

So effective immediately, we’re discounting the rate on all 2,300+ real-time, deterministic audiences in the Clickagy Taxonomy by 45%, to the new, sexy price of $0.69 CPM!

This is an unprecedented price for premium, non-modeled audiences, especially at a time when our data quality is higher than ever!  Clickagy recently hired an entire team of dedicated employees, whose full-time jobs are to work with our clients and refine the quality of our segments… meaning every single day, every single one of our audiences is getting more potent and more effective!

With growing pressure on the programmatic industry, our motivation with this dramatic price drop is to help our clients hit their campaign KPIs without the CPM costs becoming prohibitive.  As of today, we are officially the highest quality 3rd party data provider on the market, while maintaining actionable scale and one of the lowest data prices in the history of digital marketing!

The 3rd party data industry is broken!  There’s little transparency, little quality, little flexibility, and from that, little confidence.  Clickagy is on a crusade to do right by marketers, driving value with proven quality at fair prices.  This year we aim to become an ubiquitous staple in every programmatic campaign, and with this pricing announcement, there’s truly no reason to omit Clickagy’s unique audiences from your programmatic strategy.

Our Audience Lab custom data will now be priced at $0.99 CPM, and any existing client contracts will be migrated to the new pricing model this week.

Thanks everyone for making 2017 amazing, and let’s make 2018 even better!

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