Leading B2B ABM Company Sees 12:1 ROI with Clickagy

Clickagy helps industry-leading B2B Account-Based Marketing company drive nearly $1.6 million in lead value, 12:1 ROI, directly attributed to Clickagy’s unique 3rd party data and real-time in-market signals.

A leading B2B ABM company just posted a 12:1 return on investment after switching to Clickagy, an innovative 3rd party data provider. By monitoring over 1.5 billion devices across the US in real-time, Clickagy observes the raw topical research behavior by businesses, providing account-based marketing companies with unique opportunities to maximize ROI and drive increased B2B lead volume.

Clickagy concluded this campaign for an industry-leading B2B marketing company with nearly $1.6 million in directly-attributed revenue to Clickagy, from a data spend of around $125,000 over the course of a 3-month period. The primary value extracted from this engagement was identifying accurate B2B leads which were not identified through alternative ABM feeds. The increased revenue was directly attributed to Clickagy’s ability to deliver in-market signal data in real-time, while eliminating false positives provided by other ABM signals.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a rapidly growing industry, but there is a challenging lack of high-quality data sources. From this supply/demand imbalance, Clickagy has experienced substantial growth in the B2B space by providing a unique solution for clients hoping to advance their ABM leads without sacrificing quality, which is unavoidable when leveraging look alike modeling or other fuzzy methods. Clickagy has a proven track record in the B2B space, with the average B2B/ABM client seeing a significant upturn in results while decreasing their data costs by switching to Clickagy. Instead of reselling the same off-the-shelf signals, Clickagy drives a competitive advantage in the ABM space with customized signals based on specific brands or products, which contributes directly to positive ROIs, such as this 12:1 return.

About Clickagy
Based in Atlanta, GA, Clickagy leverages a broad network and innovative tracking techniques to discover behavioral keywords, phrases and terms and create effective formulas, which classify user intent in real-time. This technology is used to illuminate potential B2B customers who have an interest in that particular business topic. Clickagy obtains an in-depth insight into browsing habits, which enables ABM companies to identify leads and employ a marketing strategy focused on relevant and highly precise outreach. Clickagy understands that selling to businesses is not straightforward, and it utilizes surgical non-modeled techniques to identify the needles in the haystacks. When embarking on a B2B campaign, Clickagy enables companies to target the influencers and those who undertake the research as a stepping stone to reaching and winning over the decision-makers. Clickagy also prides itself on providing businesses with the opportunity to operate and succeed in niche markets. Using raw data analysis on customized audiences, firms are able to target specific industries where traditional 3rd party data may prove ineffective. At a time when account based marketing is exploding, Clickagy provides real-time data with quality and scale that isn’t obtainable through other ABM feeds.

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