Not Your Mother’s… In-Market Mother’s Day Audience

Buying a gift for Mother’s Day is an example of procrastination at it’s finest. You’re not procrastinating if you’re thinking about doing it, right? So why not influence your Mother’s Day audience well in advance and capture the attention of the seasonal shoppers despite their early planning and late purchasing? Mother’s Day, the third highest holiday by spend behind Valentine’s Day and Christmas, offers numerous opportunities for brands and marketers to capitalize on. Simply targeting people with mothers is about as broad as targeting gets, so how do you refine your marketing? Imagine being able to target those with the last-minute mentality? Or those who are hand-raisers and actively looking online for ideas? Or what if you could reach those who are window shopping your competitors? Mother’s Day is a retail opportunity that only comes once per year, so ensure your campaigns are hitting the right people with data available exclusively from Clickagy! High-quality online behavioral data will identify people who are in the prime position to convert!

Based on Clickagy’s data intelligence from 2017, the busiest retail purchase day for the occasion was Mother’s Day itself, doubling the numbers from days before. Our behavioral data shows that Mother’s Day signals and purchases are mainly made over the weekends rather than the weekdays starting in mid-April. Clickagy delivers you pure audiences to target without being watered down by industry tricks designed to artificially create scale, instead we provide both custom and premade taxonomy audiences to help you reach shoppers who are prepared to carry-out a purchase rather than the window shoppers who are not serious about buying now.

Cllickagy offers equitable 3rd-party audience data that’s built around Mother’s Day shoppers aimed to better target in-market fathers, sons, and daughters across the US, reaching a cherry-picked audience from Clickagy’s 1.5 billion observed devices. Our “Farm-to-Table”  data enables you to identify those researching Mother’s Day products such as jewelry or flowers.

Crush sales goals this season with unprecedented ROI, powered by Clickagy’s unique and surgical audience targeting technology! Best of all, you can leverage our audiences within your existing DSP or DMP; no changing programmatic vendors! Harness the power of big data coupled with Clickagy’s best-of-breed targeting technology, and this Mother’s Day creates a truly personalized and impactful experience that resonates and drives hard sales numbers. Upgrade your programmatic efforts with Clickagy’s 3rd-party data, and together we’ll bring smiles to countless mothers from coast-to-coast!

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