Winners or Losers: Gambling Market Segments

The gambling industry has been booming and expanding across the world in various categories. Gambling creates the natural high and adrenaline rush that many seek without having to go skydiving. Most gamblers lose, but the activity provides an escape from everyday life in an exciting and stimulating way. 

At the heartbeat of the gambling industry lie some killer marketing strategists, working day and night to pique the interest of those who are willing to take chances. The odds are always in favor of the house (and everyone knows it), which is why a great marketing strategy needs to be utilized to maintain the jackpot allure. Aside from retaining consumers who have spent money on the various types of gambling operations, your marketing strategy should provide the perfect consumers irresistible offers at the right time. Gambling marketers work hard to generate repeated visitations or chances taken, which is why it’s important to determine who is in-market or interested in gambling and how they like to play in order to appeal to them. 

Instead of only contributing to analysis and predictions, consumer behavioral data is a necessary part of effective programmatic advertising, giving you a better understanding on what will appeal to consumers to keep the casino floor crowded. Market segmentation groups a population into subcategories based on their attitudes, behaviors, and participation in various gambling categories. Thus, making it easier to have a unique market influence over those consumers in each niche.

Marketing to consumers when they are primed to purchase is key! Not all consumers who visit a casino resort are interested in gambling. Some of them simply want to visit the luxurious spa at the resort. Casinos have become resort-style complexes packed with gourmet restaurants, upscales stores, lavish spas, and ‘happening’ nightclubs. Targeting visitors to the casino under the assumption that they enjoy gambling may saturate your campaign with inaccurate data and waste spend.

Another popular form of gambling revolves around betting. These winnings come with a lot of research when it comes to sports betting and racing. Predicting the winners and placing wagers on the outcome gets a gambler’s heart rate pumping. As gaming competition increases, fantasy sports has grown tremendously and it continues to grow each year. North America commands the global industry and the number of players in the USA has been increasing regardless of the laws and regulations surrounding it. Use their research time to influence them to bet more by targeting them before they place their initial bet.  

Are you tired of only targeting the high income bracket? Try reaching out to these people who show an interest in gambling and entice them to try the real deal! The lottery can be played both in-person and online now days. Online gambling has increased since cryptocurrencies have been incorporated into the market. Not all forms of the lottery are played online, though. Many consumers still enjoy paying cash and holding onto that yellow ticket, clutching it as the numbers are drawn and then crumbling it into a ball when they lose. From scratch-off games to national lottery drawings, marketing to those who are willing to wager a bet on their favorite numbers is an essential part of being successful. 

Clickagy, a data provider, helps you generate more revenue within the casino by focusing your advertising efforts on each subgroup of people who gamble so you can reach your specific goals. Clickagy’s audience segments provide you with patrons who are more than willing to make a bet.

Let’s roll the dice on this one and double down on your data. Clickagy provides actionable insights to help businesses identify marketing opportunities and grow ROI! Contact us today for more information – we’ll be the ace up your sleeve.

Food for Thought: Grocery Buying Audiences

We live in the age of the FOODIE, however, serving gourmet ads to the wrong audience won’t cause your product or brand to run off of the supermarket shelves. Influencing and engaging with household grocery shoppers isn’t as simple as it may seem. The grocery store industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the US, which is why marketers should treat themselves to farm-to-table data. As consumers continue to generate unprecedented amounts of data, leveraging behavioral data has become more valuable.

Having access to behavioral data allows marketers to paint a deeper, more complete picture of their customers. Yes, everyone eats, but tailor your marketing to groups according to how they eat. Rather than serving online ads to an endless number of users, use highly-targeted data to reach those who are especially interested in cooking with an ad set that resonates on a more personal level. Clickagy’s pairs well with a well-orchestrated creative campaign specific to certain subset shoppers. With insights into preferences, wants, and needs, Clickagy can help you target the customers who are most likely to meet your campaign goals in their specific sweet spot. 

Avoid targeting those who question why people cook when they can order delivery or take-away as well as those who have no interest in cooking at all (the ones that consider it a time-consuming chore). Instead, target those who have been observed researching trendy new recipes or love the social side of food and enjoy hosting dinner for friends and family. Or reach shoppers who dislike cooking with ads that promote ready-made meals. Behavioral data allows you to separate the two kinds of shoppers.

Behavioral targeting is especially important to more niche grocery store brands. Vegan, gluten-free, or allergy specific food needs represent a real part of the market, and in most cases, these consumers have to do the research themselves. Let behavioral targeting do the heavy lifting! If you market for a plant-based grocery store and want to reach a larger part of the vegan market, serve ads to consumers regarding your fresh organic produce that just earned a place in a regional supermarket. Or target the same customer with an ad selling the new “Impossible” vegan burgers that have hit the market with a sizzle. Instead of marketing to consumers who do not have a preference for plant-based food, target those who are either well-established vegans or ones who have been researching how to make the switch. 

Build an online marketing campaign designed to reach the most receptive audiences by using behavioral data. Clickagy is able to better identify what products shoppers want today and what they’ll be searching for tomorrow. Contact our team today for more information!

The Many Faces of the Cosmetic Industry

In today’s ruthless beauty business, having a vague idea of who’s in your target audience is not enough. A profound knowledge of your intended audience is a vital part of engaging this particular group of consumers. Don’t cast such a wide net to reach as many consumers as possible that you waste money reaching those who are completely uninterested in everything the cosmetic industry has to offer. A misuse of segmentation could make you lose out on business and miss sales opportunities.

Whether it’s a large or niche market, targeting a specific group of people who have shown an interest in your products or services is a key part of pushing content that is effective. It’s essential for smaller cosmetics companies with a limited marketing budget to focus on a specific market segment. This will narrow down who you are marketing to and, at the same time, increase your ROI because you’ll be spending less and targeting better consumers. 

Instead of marketing to the masses and hoping to reach some with the right message, Clickagy’s innovative segments of accurate 3rd party data will increase ROI while eliminating wasted spend. Our existing audiences in the cosmetology industry currently reach: 

Hair Care

A large number of hair products are available to meet the growing demands of the industry – from shampoo to styling products. Today, consumers are concerned about their hair aesthetics as well as scalp nourishment for longer, healthier, thicker hair. The professional hair care marketing is thriving in both products and beauty salons. This target segment includes consumers who have been observed researching different types of hair care products online. 


Makeup application is often considered an art form! This colorful market includes anything from blush to lip stains that women of all ages and races find appealing. As the beauty market continues to defy gravity, reach the right consumers when they are prepared to purchase an item to add to their colorful collection. As makeup gurus know so well, slight differences make a huge impact. We’ll help you reach everyone according to their own taste and skin type. 

Clickagy can overlay a filter on segments to better help you reach those who are observed researching makeup free of parabens, harmful chemicals, or organic products. Clean cosmetics are trendy, and targeting individuals who are interested in eco-friendly, green, and healthy products is a niche that Clickagy offers based on a consumer’s lifestyle.

Skin Care

Regardless of age, skin care is an important part of taking care of the body. Everyone wants flawless skin, and consumers are willing to pay any amount to get that glow back. One driving force behind skin care is the demand for natural or organic products. This health trend has consumers researching products without chemicals, parabens, additives, or fillers in them. From anti-aging products to BB or CC creams, this audience is filled with consumers who have been observed researching products that will hydrate and fix their skin. 

There’s no denying the value of marketing with clean data. With years of expertise, Clickagy offers effective market segments to help you target your consumers’ purchasing behavior. Let us add a little highlight to your life by increasing your ROI. Contact our team today! 

The Heart of Valentine’s Marketing

Consumers spend a lot of money on love, and love ain’t cheap! Feel the love of an increased ROI by connecting to the right audience before the cards, candy, and flowers are handed out. Deliver what your consumers want before they know they want it. Market segmentation is a great way to reach your audience on a personal level.

Digital marketing brings home the bacon…or heart-shaped chocolate boxes. Marketers segment their audiences into smaller subsets in order to target the right devices with the right marketing messages. Segmentation can be overwhelming at times, especially when you’re trying to get ahead of your competitors for a seasonal retail holiday like Valentine’s Day.

At Clickagy, we understand that it’s important to carefully consider when and how you’ll send out a marketing message, so let us take care of the who in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. If you’re still uncertain about how you’ll boost your conversion metrics, take a look at Clickagy’s real-time audience segments to increase the probability of purchases:

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is an industry in itself, and consumers usually leave their purchases for their loves to the last minute. This audience is interested in the classic, cookie-cutter gifts that overflow the store shelves with pink and red. Help them with great new greeting card ideas or even boxes of chocolates with mini bottles of Baileys inside. Stand out by the crowd by giving this audience little hints before they realize that V-day is on its way.


Jewelry is a great gift for every occasion, especially a holiday centered around romance. Engage the right consumers when sending out marketing content intended to capture their attention. Speaking of jewelry…you might want to sit down for this one…some consumers in this audience will use jewelry as the ultimate expression of love, and to fuel their perfect proposal they’ll need the perfect engagement ring. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to get engaged!


Lovebirds around the US don’t know that California is the main domestic floral producer, but that’s the last thing on their mind when aimlessly wandering around the web searching for the best deals on last-minute blooms. This audience has been observed researching different types of flower bouquets and their meanings for special occasions.

Romantic Getaways

Cue up the violins, rose petals on the bed, and a bottle of bubble. It’s time for these consumers to pack their bags and board a flight to your resort or rental. From a spa in the Grand Cayman to a log cabin hideaway in the Smoky Mountains, taking a couples vacation for V-Day makes for a perfect escape. Target this audience before they know exactly where they want to go, and before they get away from you.


Roses are red, violets are blue…booze costs less than dinner for two. Whether they do a Secret-Santa style Valentine’s exchange or play Tinder roulette, singles make up a huge part of the Valentine’s Day audience. Some may celebrate with ‘Galentine’s Day’ or throw an anti-V-Day party, both of which will serve up a tasty cocktail or two. Target those looking to cheat February 14th to enjoy a discounted dinner for two or a half off couples massage with their bestie. Or, capitalize on those investing in some much-needed retail therapy leading up to the day itself.

Valentine’s audience segments are not confined to the floral industry, and by slicing the audience into various segments you won’t limit yourself. Instead, work with Clickagy to target the audience that will best fit your campaign.

Segments Designed for the Runway

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Take advantage of the changing of the seasons to share new fashion designs to a highly targeted audience. Partnering with Clickagy is the perfect way to increase your marketing ROI!

No one can afford to target everyone; precision marketing allows you to focus your marketing dollars and brand messages on a specific audience. Your business can gain a competitive advantage by targeting a niche market while maintaining an affordable and effective marketing plan. Consider a granular approach that directly targets those who are interested in purchasing the latest fashion trends with the following segments:

Athletic Wear

The leisure trend surrounding activewear has become so popular that is has carved out a niche for itself in the clothing industry. It’s even garnered a spot in the Merriam-Webster dictionary under ‘Athleisure’. Use this audience segment to capture the attention of those who wear activewear for exercising, for lounging outfits, or for both style and functionality!


From people in search of monogrammed bikinis to name brand swim trunks, the swimwear market attracts a lot of attention. Reach consumers looking for the perfect, best-fitting swimsuit for their upcoming cruise; they’re looking for your product, all you have to do is make sure they receive your message.

Bridal & Wedding

No two brides are alike and not every bridal party is in the same target market. From wedding dress rentals to cufflinks and studs for the groom, you’ll find the perfect fit within this segment. People in this audience have been observed researching attired that includes clothing, shoe, and jewelry worn by the bride, groom, or bridal party to wedding venues and cake tastings. From brands like J. Crew to Vera Wang, we’ve got you covered!


Lingerie can be purchased by women looking to feel sexy or by loved ones buying gifts! This audience appreciates pieces that flatter their body types, fits well, and is comfortable. The purchaser could be looking to wear items for a special occasion or simply love the provocative style that it adds to their everyday wardrobe.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how Clickagy’s data will benefit your ROI, contact our sales team below.

Destination Data: Hotel Market Segments

Each traveler, whether for business or leisure, plans their hotel stays differently, and with smart data, you’ll be able to reach them effectively. Sending the right messaging to the right consumer on the right device can pose a challenge. There is no denying the importance that data holds in advertising and marketing. To resonate with your consumers you need to understand their pain points, purchase preferences, and shopping habits.

To stay ahead of the curve, make smart campaign decisions by extracting more value from your 1st party data with 3rd party data. Your amount of 1st party data is finite, and combing 3rd party data will give you insight into a consumer’s interests, preferences, and behaviors that you need for scale. See who your consumer is by leveraging 3rd party data to better build campaigns. Clickagy sorts users into audience segments. Here are three hotel market segment examples:

Luxury Hotels

The luxury travel market epitomizes the most desirable destinations, transportation, and accommodations in an all-inclusive travel experience. The rising trend for exotic vacation experiences generally comes from those with disposable income in the middle and upper class. As the popularity of luxurious travel rises, ensure that your company is able to find those who are interested in vacations that offer a once in a lifetime experience.

Economy Hotels

These travelers are looking to make the dollar go a little further. They are willing to splurge on amenities, but they want to ensure that they get exactly what they pay for. These consumers are in search of solid customer service, low rates, and a well-built experience with a free continental breakfast or WiFi thrown in.

Budget Hotels

Price, location, and quality remain top considerations for this consumer segment. The hotel industry accommodates these travelers by offering bare bone accommodations for low prices. A budget hotel audience would rather enjoy spending money on experiences like backpacking across the country rather than a hotel with a vast amount of amenities.

Contact Clickagy today to learn more about our custom and pre-curated audiences.

Go Where The Farmers Are with Farm-to-Table 3rd Party Data

We are witnessing the digitalization of the agricultural industry and with it an innovative approach to keeping your agriculture equipment business alive amid shifting trends. Many Ag companies still rely on marketing through direct mail as a way to market to farmers. However, there is a more effective way to reach your market: digital marketing. This method performs best in terms of true audience reach and ROI.

Most of us take for granted quality internet access. Since farms are typically located in rural areas, optimized internet connections aren’t always available, but because one farmer in an entire state is still using broadband, does not mean that they all are. Modern farmers are surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, and checking their email inboxes. No, direct mail may not be exhausted, but it only works as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Targeting farmers online is a great strategy moving forward, using data to find farmers who would be your ideal customer. Personalization and increased ability to reach your target audience is crucial for your success as an Ag business marketer. Marketers can be quickly overwhelmed by the amount of data that they have, or they are unable to fully use the data they have at their disposal. Stop crunching numbers and marketing farming equipment to Manhattan socialites. A key component when marketing farming equipment and technology is targeting those who have shown interest in order to cultivate an impressive ROI.

Programmatic lets you target audiences based on their online behaviors; it puts a focus on reaching the right people at the right time. When your ad for milking machines lands in front of the eyes of a dairy farmer expanding their operation, you directly target a user browsing at a time when they’re most inclined to purchase.

This is where Clickagy steps in with clean 3rd party data. Clickagy generates data and analytics that you need to reach your target audience when they are observed accessing certain types of information relating to your products or services. With Clickagy, there’s no guesswork because we own the entire process, eliminating the need for a middleman or inconsistencies in our organic data.

Contact our sales team today for more information on how we can help you, or read more about our Farm-to-Table data here.

New Year’s Resolution: Gym Memberships

Each year, people feel empowered by the opportunities in front of them, hoping for success, prosperity, and happiness. People all over the nation come up with a range of New Year’s resolutions, thinking of ways to better themselves. It could look like this:

This peak time for self-improvement is great for gyms and health clubs. While they make promises to reinvent and rid themselves of their daily repetitive routine, your audience spends time researching ways to maintain their challenging resolutions.

Get new customers to sign up for your gym by tapping into market segments observed researching a place to exercise. Weight loss seems to be the losing battle each year, but by utilizing a targeted marketing campaign with a base of high-quality data, you’ll be celebrating their before and after images.

Rather than targeting a broad demographic of consumer segments, focus on those who are in-market or who demonstrate related interests. Target audience segments of people interested in “Athletic Wear” rather than a broad, imprecise demographic segment of  “men in their 50’s.” Get ahead of the competing gym by using Clickagy data to start targeting these audiences of consumers who want to lose their holiday fluff or bulk up.

Consumers In-Market for Exercise & Fitness or with an Interest in Exercise & Fitness

These consumers are driven to lose weight or bulk up! This segment may require some emotional support and reassurance along the way. They are self-motivated individuals when it comes to health and fitness, and are focused on achieving their personal best goals.

Consumers In-Market for Nutrition

While bodybuilders and extreme athletes are often the targeted audience for nutrition products, mainstream consumers with active lifestyles are often in-market as well. Beverages and snacks should not only taste good, but they should be good for you. With the new year rolling around, more and more consumers will be observed researching protein and whey products as well as supplements to help them better reach their physical goals or lose those extra pounds.

Businesses in Healthcare Promoting Exercise

Target consumers who have been observed researching weight-related healthcare or surgeries, and share your encouraging content to those who will more than likely be recommended to workout on a regular basis.

Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight management is an increasing market due to the increasing prevalence of obesity and related diseases. These consumers are researching how to lose or maintain their weight. This segment has been looking into weight loss books, cleanses, clinics, online-based subscriptions, and supplements. Market gym memberships toward those observed researching diet and weight loss as they aim to better themselves in the coming year.

Who says only your consumers get to seek mad gains. With high-quality data at your back, you can confidently add “achieve a record-breaking ROI” to your own resolution list!

Wave Hello To Swimwear Season with a Clickagy Powered Campaign

Nothing sells swimsuits like those first few rays of sunshine in the spring, so when all this dreary weather thaws, your brand better be ready.  Use our 3rd party data in your next swimwear campaign and we’ll ensure that the audiences you reach have that seasonal spring in their step which is so lucrative for brands like yours.

When considering how to target your consumers, focus on why people are searching for a new suit, and we’ll help you develop those relevant audiences.   

Your consumers love fashion…

People who love fashion are easy to attract, and since swimwear fashion goes into hibernation over the winter months, fashion gurus will be excited to see what your brand offers when the seasonal tide turns. Share your ad with an audience of Clickagy proven fashionistas to stir up this excitement!


Your consumers are replacing tattered or outgrown suits…

Maybe they are buying for a couple of bean-sprout kids or maybe they let all those holiday cookies stick. Either way, they pulled out that suit from last year and noticed the stitching is squeezing all the wrong places. Clickagy has an audience for these groups, ready to be specialized according to in-market specifics.  


Your customers are going on vacation…

Lucky them! These customers may already have a few suits, but that trip to the Bahamas is exciting enough to make them want to don the most flattering set of spandex they can find. Our 3rd party data will tell you which consumers are prepping for a jaunt in warmer weather. Before they head off to soak up the sun, you’ll soak up some profit!


We’ll help you lift up your ROI like your most popular bikini lifts up…you know. Contact our team today!

Get a Divorce From Your Bad Data Vendor!

So you’re a divorce lawyer and you want new clients, but what’s your marketing strategy?

Sending out controversial postcards to newlyweds with a ‘buy one divorce, get the next half off’ may send you to the dog house real quick! Marketing is tricky, and most consumers want to turn off the noise. We live in a world full of skeptics, and it’s easy to understand why since we’re continuously bombarded with irrelevant advertisements and lies. You know better than anyone: it can take years to build trust and seconds to lose it.

It’s increasingly difficult to successfully break into the market, especially when online divorce filings are on the rise. Clickagy has the solution for you! Each audience profile that we build starts with the fundamental knowledge of who your audience is (are they the nagging, needy wife or the inattentive, cheating husband?), all while protecting individual privacy, of course!

Gain an understanding of your target market and maximize your conversion rates with a data provider that you can actually trust. Clickagy provides marketers with measured keyword behavioral data that is processed with our AI and NLP platform. A user is observed searching online for how much a divorce costs, or researching companies who evaluate property so they know the value of their assets, will likely fall into the pre-divorce audience. Through anonymous behavioral patterns, Clickagy is able to predict that someone needs your services before they know it themselves.

Targeted content is crucial when connecting with a consumer’s intentions, so serve your ads to those showing real-time signals to up your conversion rate. When advertising engagement rings, wedding venues, or divorce lawyers, you want to avoid sharing your content with an unrelated audience to avoid wasting marketing dollars and pulling down your averages. Instead of targeting an entire demographic, concentrate your marketing dollars on exactly who is in-market for a divorce attorney.

Regardless of the message you send, whether it’s humorous and attention grabbing or contemplative and grievous, the most important thing is that it’s delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. Clickagy ensures that our data is fresh and accurate and that your audiences are built according to observed behaviors, not inaccurate assumptions.

Firms in the Family Law and Divorce industry have a difficult time getting their name out, but with Clickagy, you can trust that you’ll reach those who actually need your service. Help potential clients find your firm and enable individuals to have better access to expert legal advice.

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