Clickagy Data Powers Innovative BIGDBM Email Recency Platform

Clickagy Data Powers Innovative BIGDBM Email Recency Platform

Clickagy data is now powering BIGDBM’s newest dynamic marketing engine, the eRV (Email Recency Validation) platform. The eRV application protects campaigns from high bounce rates and bad results by testing clients’ email records for recency, solving the increasingly prevalent issue of old or fraudulent email data. The average eRV client reaches an extraordinarily low hard bounce rate of less than one third the average across all industries, dramatically lifting campaign outcomes as a result.  

BIGDBM CEO and digital marketing veteran Brad Mack is excited about the proven success of eRV. “The platform is so effective because the data behind it is pure, thorough and the execution of the process is smooth throughout,” Mack says. “We wanted Clickagy to power the eRV because we know they produce the most accurate behavioral data out there, at a scale that can keep up with our platform’s needs.”

The results of the eRV application have exceeded expectations across the board. A recent client using the application received a 98.76% delivery success rate and only saw 0.117% hard bounces. They report that the results of the campaign are some of the best they have ever seen.   

The data behind the product comes from Clickagy’s powerful reservoir of behavioral data derived from users browsing web pages in real-time. Clickagy has recently made collecting consumer identifiers one of its primary objectives, including finding and verifying recent and relevant emails for over 100 million internet users. For any given email uploaded to the eRV platform, Clickagy is able to analyze the last time that user was seen by our system anywhere online. BIGDBM ingests that information and prioritizes emails by recency in order to preserve open and click rates.  All emails in the Clickagy database are hashed with a cryptographically secure algorithm in order to maintain privacy compliance standards.

Harry Maugans, CEO of Clickagy, emphasizes the industry’s need for systems like eRV that keep poor quality data in check.  “Old, useless, and fraudulent data has become a huge issue for the marketing ecosystem. Now with the innovation of BIGDBM and Clickagy data fueling the ship, eRV clients are able to protect themselves from the damaging effects of bad email data.  I am excited by the potential of this new product!” Maugans says. 

The eRV product is a self-service application, allowing the user to process files on their own. The user logs  in to the portal and uploads their email file for analysis. The eRV sends an email when the analysis is complete and the user can download the now verified emails for a campaign with confidence.  

Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. With data that is never modeled or watered down, Clickagy offers 3,000+ premade audiences of real-time consumers. By collecting real-time, granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing business profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords. 

BIGDBM is a data technology, software development company that owns some of the best big data in the industry. BIGDBM is continuously designing and developing self-service software applications built on big data, running in-cloud infrastructure in highly secure environments, leveraging analytics and yielding high profits and rapid growth. The BIGDBM technology strategy includes highly accurate and automated data processing, cloud infrastructure, MS Azure platform-as-a-service, Cloudera/Hadoop Data Management Platform, APIs, a Marketing Automation Platform, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.

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