Data Matters When Your Client is the Tooth Fairy

Data Matters When Your Client is the Tooth Fairy

You can’t believe it, but your boss at the agency just handed you a huge account. Your work on this project will show the big cheese what you’re made of and you finally have a chance to gain some leverage for that promotion. With such career-changing potential at stake, you do NOT want to mess this up.  

It’s remarkable: Your newest client is the Tooth Fairy!

Okay, not really, but the elusiveness of the campaign, its otherworldly budget, and some ambitious demands make you feel like you’ve landed a mythical creature.

Let’s just go with it.

So what problem is the Tooth Fairy having?

It’s a classic one: her ROI has gone down, thanks to fuzzy, black box data, and she needs innovative ways to boost her campaign. Like any programmatic effort, the Tooth Fairy is looking for real results in the rapidly changing world of ad tech. Apparently, pixie dust is just too expensive.

The Tooth Fairy’s marketing department tells her that she needs to reach 1 million households each night and deliver shiny quarters under pillows (or Bitcoin…seriously, kids are starting to get Bitcoin for losing teeth). Additionally, she needs accurate numbers so that her nightly operation functions as smoothly as a jazz concert. With such large scale, and the critical need to impress, you immediately know this campaign needs Clickagy’s 3rd party data!

      Why is Clickagy the best choice for your Tooth Fairy campaign?


Clickagy collects data in real-time, building audiences of consumers in market for relevant products right now. The pillows visited last week are unlikely to harbor more gleaming teeth tonight, no matter what our competitors may say with poorly constructed models. Clickagy’s data represents consumers who are in-market right now, so the Tooth Fairy won’t have to worry about constructing her marketing operation on data that’s due for some flossing.


Clickagy Audience Lab segments are handcrafted according to specific client need. For example, the Tooth Fairy would be most interested in targeting adult consumers in-market for products relevant to elementary-age children. Think school supplies, kid-sized soccer cleats, chewable calcium tablets in the shape of Disney princesses, etc. By constructing accurate audiences according to consumer interests, Clickagy enables marketing precision that drives game-changing results!


Clickagy audiences are clean and free of hazy data. The Tooth Fairy needs to spend her evenings collecting pearly teeth and cannot afford to be sent to the wrong houses. Clickagy collects all of its own data, eliminating the variables that come when a provider uses middlemen. We call this concept Farm-to-Table Data.  

Your unicorn-like contract with that esteemed brand you want to impress is important to us. Your promotion is important to us. Honest data is important to us. Our structure ensures that Clickagy is supporting your most important client relationships with precise and powerful data.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clickagy’s audience data can be the bedrock of your next programmatic campaign, contact our team today!  

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