Destination Data: Hotel Market Segments

Destination Data: Hotel Market Segments

Each traveler, whether for business or leisure, plans their hotel stays differently, and with smart data, you’ll be able to reach them effectively. Sending the right messaging to the right consumer on the right device can pose a challenge. There is no denying the importance that data holds in advertising and marketing. To resonate with your consumers you need to understand their pain points, purchase preferences, and shopping habits.

To stay ahead of the curve, make smart campaign decisions by extracting more value from your 1st party data with 3rd party data. Your amount of 1st party data is finite, and combing 3rd party data will give you insight into a consumer’s interests, preferences, and behaviors that you need for scale. See who your consumer is by leveraging 3rd party data to better build campaigns. Clickagy sorts users into audience segments. Here are three hotel market segment examples:

Luxury Hotels

The luxury travel market epitomizes the most desirable destinations, transportation, and accommodations in an all-inclusive travel experience. The rising trend for exotic vacation experiences generally comes from those with disposable income in the middle and upper class. As the popularity of luxurious travel rises, ensure that your company is able to find those who are interested in vacations that offer a once in a lifetime experience.

Economy Hotels

These travelers are looking to make the dollar go a little further. They are willing to splurge on amenities, but they want to ensure that they get exactly what they pay for. These consumers are in search of solid customer service, low rates, and a well-built experience with a free continental breakfast or WiFi thrown in.

Budget Hotels

Price, location, and quality remain top considerations for this consumer segment. The hotel industry accommodates these travelers by offering bare bone accommodations for low prices. A budget hotel audience would rather enjoy spending money on experiences like backpacking across the country rather than a hotel with a vast amount of amenities.

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