Food for Thought: Grocery Buying Audiences

Food for Thought: Grocery Buying Audiences

We live in the age of the FOODIE, however, serving gourmet ads to the wrong audience won’t cause your product or brand to run off of the supermarket shelves. Influencing and engaging with household grocery shoppers isn’t as simple as it may seem. The grocery store industry makes up the largest food retail channel in the US, which is why marketers should treat themselves to farm-to-table data. As consumers continue to generate unprecedented amounts of data, leveraging behavioral data has become more valuable.

Having access to behavioral data allows marketers to paint a deeper, more complete picture of their customers. Yes, everyone eats, but tailor your marketing to groups according to how they eat. Rather than serving online ads to an endless number of users, use highly-targeted data to reach those who are especially interested in cooking with an ad set that resonates on a more personal level. Clickagy’s pairs well with a well-orchestrated creative campaign specific to certain subset shoppers. With insights into preferences, wants, and needs, Clickagy can help you target the customers who are most likely to meet your campaign goals in their specific sweet spot. 

Avoid targeting those who question why people cook when they can order delivery or take-away as well as those who have no interest in cooking at all (the ones that consider it a time-consuming chore). Instead, target those who have been observed researching trendy new recipes or love the social side of food and enjoy hosting dinner for friends and family. Or reach shoppers who dislike cooking with ads that promote ready-made meals. Behavioral data allows you to separate the two kinds of shoppers.

Behavioral targeting is especially important to more niche grocery store brands. Vegan, gluten-free, or allergy specific food needs represent a real part of the market, and in most cases, these consumers have to do the research themselves. Let behavioral targeting do the heavy lifting! If you market for a plant-based grocery store and want to reach a larger part of the vegan market, serve ads to consumers regarding your fresh organic produce that just earned a place in a regional supermarket. Or target the same customer with an ad selling the new “Impossible” vegan burgers that have hit the market with a sizzle. Instead of marketing to consumers who do not have a preference for plant-based food, target those who are either well-established vegans or ones who have been researching how to make the switch. 

Build an online marketing campaign designed to reach the most receptive audiences by using behavioral data. Clickagy is able to better identify what products shoppers want today and what they’ll be searching for tomorrow. Contact our team today for more information!

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