Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy with Cookieless Behavioral Targeting

Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy with Cookieless Behavioral Targeting

2020 hit the digital marketing world like a train of confusion, finger-pointing, and discord. With a wealth of information circulating about CCPA and privacy policy updates via popup and email, CCPA is dominating the marketing rhetoric online. Beyond this, Europe’s GDPR is nearly two years old and yet it continues to terrorize advertising norms in Europe without a solution in sight. Major brands with enormous power in the marketing space (ehem… Google, Facebook, we are looking at you) have changed the rules by rolling out anti-cookie policy changes that promise to make a muddled mess of programmatic, all under the sophism of user privacy. Needless to say, digital marketers are not at all prepared for what this new decade will bring.

Clickagy, the 3rd party data collecting, conglomerate-challenging, ping-pong playing, programmatic disruptor from an artsy suburb of Atlanta saw these changes coming. After over a year of planning and development, we crafted a solution that cracks the privacy code and sustains campaign success in an attributable and future-proof way. 

We call this solution Privacy Clusters.

Privacy Clusters is our checkmate move to dominate an industry that needs a privacy complaint targeting solution ASAP.  Our newest flagship product allows brands to navigate a fully privacy compliant targeting strategy, able to reach customers based on observed behavioral data in real-time. 

What are Privacy Clusters? In a nutshell, Privacy Clusters are persistent micro-groupings of approximately 3-5 devices that are mathematically bound together to act as a single, trackable and targetable entity. Privacy Clusters qualify for segments just as cookies used to, include devices like iPhones that block cookies, and are targetable across all programmatic channels.

Clickagy’s Privacy Clusters solution stands out in the market as the only viable solution to compliance standards because of one simple difference: absolutely no personally identifiable information is used. No cookies, no email hashes, no IP addresses, no PII of any kind. As such, Privacy Clusters are compliant in every regulatory environment because no consumer data is captured or at risk. Furthermore, Privacy Clusters do not require notice or opt-in consent for tracking, as they’re not privacy invasive on a 1-to-1 level. When leveraging Privacy Clusters, every person and device are entirely anonymous and all messages are delivered within the safety of the micro-group, protecting individuals from rampant gross privacy violations resulting in the inappropriate or dangerous collection or sale of their personal data.  Privacy Clusters are a unique and powerful technology for marketers to respect and protect the privacy of their customers, while still leveraging accurate behavioral data to power enterprise-class marketing and analytics.

What All this Means for You

AdTech is standing at a crossroads, one where it must choose either evolution or a dramatic loss of potency. Privacy Clusters offer a way to press forward through the “cookiepocalypse” and rapidly tightening government regulations.  We have built a solution where your marketing can still reach the right eyes and ears without giving up on data and reverting to old fashioned strategies like contextual targeting or other ineffective mass marketing. Privacy Clusters allow you to maintain the advertising efficacy you are used to while maintaining compliance with constantly changing worldwide privacy legislation.  

Privacy Clusters are the most effective way to future-proof your digital marketing strategy.

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