Get a Divorce From Your Bad Data Vendor!

Get a Divorce From Your Bad Data Vendor!

So you’re a divorce lawyer and you want new clients, but what’s your marketing strategy?

Sending out controversial postcards to newlyweds with a ‘buy one divorce, get the next half off’ may send you to the dog house real quick! Marketing is tricky, and most consumers want to turn off the noise. We live in a world full of skeptics, and it’s easy to understand why since we’re continuously bombarded with irrelevant advertisements and lies. You know better than anyone: it can take years to build trust and seconds to lose it.

It’s increasingly difficult to successfully break into the market, especially when online divorce filings are on the rise. Clickagy has the solution for you! Each audience profile that we build starts with the fundamental knowledge of who your audience is (are they the nagging, needy wife or the inattentive, cheating husband?), all while protecting individual privacy, of course!

Gain an understanding of your target market and maximize your conversion rates with a data provider that you can actually trust. Clickagy provides marketers with measured keyword behavioral data that is processed with our AI and NLP platform. A user is observed searching online for how much a divorce costs, or researching companies who evaluate property so they know the value of their assets, will likely fall into the pre-divorce audience. Through anonymous behavioral patterns, Clickagy is able to predict that someone needs your services before they know it themselves.

Targeted content is crucial when connecting with a consumer’s intentions, so serve your ads to those showing real-time signals to up your conversion rate. When advertising engagement rings, wedding venues, or divorce lawyers, you want to avoid sharing your content with an unrelated audience to avoid wasting marketing dollars and pulling down your averages. Instead of targeting an entire demographic, concentrate your marketing dollars on exactly who is in-market for a divorce attorney.

Regardless of the message you send, whether it’s humorous and attention grabbing or contemplative and grievous, the most important thing is that it’s delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. Clickagy ensures that our data is fresh and accurate and that your audiences are built according to observed behaviors, not inaccurate assumptions.

Firms in the Family Law and Divorce industry have a difficult time getting their name out, but with Clickagy, you can trust that you’ll reach those who actually need your service. Help potential clients find your firm and enable individuals to have better access to expert legal advice.

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