Go Where The Farmers Are with Farm-to-Table 3rd Party Data

Go Where The Farmers Are with Farm-to-Table 3rd Party Data

We are witnessing the digitalization of the agricultural industry and with it an innovative approach to keeping your agriculture equipment business alive amid shifting trends. Many Ag companies still rely on marketing through direct mail as a way to market to farmers. However, there is a more effective way to reach your market: digital marketing. This method performs best in terms of true audience reach and ROI.

Most of us take for granted quality internet access. Since farms are typically located in rural areas, optimized internet connections aren’t always available, but because one farmer in an entire state is still using broadband, does not mean that they all are. Modern farmers are surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, and checking their email inboxes. No, direct mail may not be exhausted, but it only works as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

Targeting farmers online is a great strategy moving forward, using data to find farmers who would be your ideal customer. Personalization and increased ability to reach your target audience is crucial for your success as an Ag business marketer. Marketers can be quickly overwhelmed by the amount of data that they have, or they are unable to fully use the data they have at their disposal. Stop crunching numbers and marketing farming equipment to Manhattan socialites. A key component when marketing farming equipment and technology is targeting those who have shown interest in order to cultivate an impressive ROI.

Programmatic lets you target audiences based on their online behaviors; it puts a focus on reaching the right people at the right time. When your ad for milking machines lands in front of the eyes of a dairy farmer expanding their operation, you directly target a user browsing at a time when they’re most inclined to purchase.

This is where Clickagy steps in with clean 3rd party data. Clickagy generates data and analytics that you need to reach your target audience when they are observed accessing certain types of information relating to your products or services. With Clickagy, there’s no guesswork because we own the entire process, eliminating the need for a middleman or inconsistencies in our organic data.

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