How to Overcome Ad Fatigue Just in Time for the Holidays

How to Overcome Ad Fatigue Just in Time for the Holidays

Despite growing ad budgets and clear results, new trends in advertising have driven an entire crowd of consumers to reject all kinds of promotions.  A recent New York Times article chronicled this phenomenon perfectly. The article’s author, Tiffany Hsu writes, “As advertisers bombard consumers across platforms like Twitch, Facebook, television, billboards, and more, consumers are trying to get away, signing up for ad blockers and subscription services.”  At the end of the day, we’re all consumers targeted by the same barrage of ads and it’s true: we don’t enjoy the pestering.

The fact that people hate ads is an unfortunate problem, but your marketing department simply cannot afford to sit the flurry of advertising out, especially during holiday season. Avoiding the industry will likely lead to your competitors choking your own voice out with their own gong clanging. Your only option is to go about the prickly business of standing out and remaining relevant.

You are surely aware that somewhere amid all that noise and clamoring for attention, people are seeing ads that meet their needs, clicking, and purchasing the product offered.  Despite growing “ad hatred”, the millions of digital ads being shown every day are working better than ever. For example, mobile conversion rates go up every year, as shown by an increase of 64% from 2018 to 2019.  Are these successful campaigns driven by stunning images, copy that tickles, and a tight A/B testing strategy? Possibly, yes. Optimization of every angle in the industry is leading to constant growth and departments are learning new ways to improve the smallest aspects of their ads every day. That said, the audience your ads are shown to is absolutely critical to the success of a digital campaign.  If a consumer has no interest in the ad, it makes no difference how witty the copy is or how much the design catches their eye. In other words, if a consumer doesn’t care about the product, they are not going to convert.  Choosing and reaching an audience that makes sense for your brand is essential to the overall success of your brand growth.  

Clickagy audiences have been the key to thousands of campaigns from all kinds of industries simply because each segment is built around indicators that pinpoint whether or not a consumer is likely to be interested in a product. For example, our mountain biking audience embodies the digital fingerprint of real people researching mountain bikes, gear, trails, and more. To a marketing department still focused on outdated advertising techniques, this kind of precision is only a dream.

Advertising is evolving and it’s essential that your marketing strategy evolves with it. You can stand out among the cacophony by reaching the right people with a Clickagy behavioral audience. Be the brand with ads people are happy to see this holiday season!

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