Improve Your DSP Campaign Performance with Clickagy Audience Data

Improve Your DSP Campaign Performance with Clickagy Audience Data

Leveraging DSP capabilities for your programmatic buying is the first step in carving out your market share using leading-edge advertising. No matter which DSP you choose, your programmatic media campaigns will be far more effective when you leverage Clickagy to ensure your ads are reaching the proper target audience.

More Impressions, Greater Cost

Both CPCs and CPMs for ad impressions are getting more competitive as more marketers enter the fray. In 2018, net advertising revenues are projected to hit $197 billion with digital ads comprising 50% of all ad dollars spent. With the costs of display space increasing by leaps and bounds and tighter competition to grab views, if you’re not leveraging the most accurate third-party data, you’re wasting your precious ad dollars.

Ad spends for Google rose in Q4 2017 by almost 40% year over year for mobile and more than 21% for desktop with mobile devices the increasing area of focus by advertisers. In the same period, Facebook ad spend grew 20%, but this may be tempered by the social site’s recent (and permanent) shuttering of its Partner Categories program after the very public scandal associated with Cambridge Analytica.

Quality Third Party Data Is the Differentiator

Using a platform like Clickagy’s Audience Lab for improving performance of your DSP campaigns is vital in an increasingly aggressive ad buying market. Tapping relevant and accurate 3rd-party data to inform your digital campaign targeting drives better ad campaign performance, lowering CPA of DSP campaigns, and improving ad spend ROI.

Fine tuning controls like dayparting, impressions caps, and blacklisting sources can only improve your programmatic campaign incrementally. To see quick, substantial improvements in your programmatic campaign metrics, you must reach the right people, and the only way to hit the sweet spot is via third-party data. But not all data is equal.

Why Clickagy?

Simply, Clickagy is a radically better source to inform your ad buying and programmatic campaign targeting. Real-time observed data, rather than modeled, is invaluable to your programmatic ads because it’s both relevant and timely. If a programmatic campaign doesn’t target the right people, nothing else matters.

Focusing on the “who” is far more important than “how” and too many marketers get caught up in the latter. Solid data drives successful campaigns and Clickagy has a track record of outperforming competitors in this arena.

Clickagy’s CEO, Harry Maugans, says, “We’re determined to disrupt the 3rd party data space and remodel our industry. Our proprietary AI puts previously unavailable accuracy at scale in your hands. We’re redefining audience visibility by helping our clients identify, target, and compel to action their ideal customer.”

Six Compelling Reasons You Need Clickagy

Better data means better ad performance. Clickagy outperforms most other 3rd party data sources, and that’s why we’re disrupting the market. Our data gets your programmatic ads in the face of in-market targets, so they click, convert to sales, and you profit. That’s how optimizing campaigns should work, and with Clickagy you’ll see game-changing results.

Here are our competitive advantages:

1. Real-Time Data

Most 3rd party data providers sell you 60-90-day (or older) data as in-market signals, promoting them as fresh prospects. They’re not. It’s stale data. Things change in the world of digital data on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. Why settle for already out-of-date information for your programmatic campaign?

Visit day or night, 24/7/365, to see our real-time behavioral data collection machine at work. Our audience intelligence platform is churning data constantly from a vast array of sources and then parsing that data for clients to optimize their programmatic campaigns.

2. Purely Observed, Never Modeled

When spending on programmatic media, you shouldn’t put blind faith (and your dollars) behind shoddy data. Data accuracy overwhelmingly affects the outcome of your ad campaign, so data integrity is paramount. The bulk of third-party data available to purchase and leverage is modeled data. That means it’s a guess.

The accuracy of that estimation depends on data reliability and the effectiveness of the math behind the predictive model. Why rely on fuzzy math when you can use Clickagy’s 100% observed data instead? Deterministic data is the holy grail of advertising precision – every single person in a Clickagy delivered audience was observed interacting with relevant content within the past 24 hours (or less).

3. Digitally Sourced Data

Many 3rd party data companies rely on offline target data then onboard it into their system. It’s an inherently flawed approach as onboarding has an astonishing failure rate. These data providers don’t have the juice because they’re missing input from roughly 50% of digital devices on the internet. Have you ever heard of an onboarding rate much higher than 50%? No – and that means an offline source will never target any of these devices.

Don’t settle for half the data you need. Clickagy amasses data from observed behaviors by sifting almost all the accessible devices online in the US. This access allows us to mine data that other providers can’t obtain and provide our clients with targeting that no one else can reach.

4. Unparalleled Targeting

Almost isn’t good enough. At most third-party data companies, they’re satisfied with getting close to the target and expect you to pay them for helping you target a less-than-accurate audience. Would you pay an Uber driver that dropped you off near, but not at the airport? Of course not.

Clickagy tracks 91% of internet-connected devices in America – more than 1.5 billion laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The scale of data we gather, interpret, and leverage for our clients is unparalleled. That’s how we precisely target the audience data for your programmatic campaigns.

5. Adaptability 

Automation is the key to productivity in the digital age. The DSP automates the process of buying impressions and sets the stage for you to launch your programmatic media campaign. Clickagy builds your custom in-market audience list, then sends it to your DSP for you to activate media against.

Your typical 3rd party data providers stop after setting up the campaign and pressing “go” but not Clickagy. From there, we track KPIs and listen to you to further refine the programmatic on the fly while it’s underway for meticulously precise results. Clickagy stands alone in this space in that we establish true partnerships rather than transactional relationships.

6. Constant Transparency 

Other 3rd party data companies can’t afford to be transparent with their clients because it would expose the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the information they’re selling. Try this – ask another data provider how they know someone is in-market and watch them sweat.

Clickagy works differently and takes a collaborative approach with clients. You know your target customer, and we know data. Together, we will carve out the most relevant audience to meet your advertising needs while reducing your ad spend to reach them.

Visit Clickagy’s audience page to explore our taxonomy audiences by demographics, B2B, in-market, interests, health, and brands. We’re outdoing our competitors by providing data they can’t and are doing it a lower price. You need Clickagy for your next DSP programmatic. 

Clickagy’s CEO, Harry Maugans, says, “Clickagy’s data is real and pure, not modeled. We empower your programmatic campaigns with surgically precise data and provide this specificity at a rate that undercuts our lesser-performing competitors. Better data, in real-time, at a lower CPM. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Partner with Clickagy and let us power your next programmatic campaign with startlingly better data. Contact Clickagy today and let’s talk!

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