Mobile Marketing Reaches your B2B Customers From Inside Their Pockets

Mobile Marketing Reaches your B2B Customers From Inside Their Pockets

B2B brands tend to stick by traditional means of marketing, and only dip their toes into programmatic advertising if they can do it cautiously. The problem with this strategy is that traditional means of advertising are falling by the wayside, while programmatic, especially for mobile, is taking over. eMarketer reports that the average mobile ad spend alone is expected to increase from 33.9% in 2018 to 47.9% in 2022. While the majority of mobile programmatic spend comes from enterprise B2C brands, this is bound to change. Research shows that 86% of millennial B2B buyers believe their phones are essential for business success. Each year the number of millennials in the workforce grows, and by association, so does phone usage for business purposes.  

Consider the many opportunities for B2B buyers to encounter ads, and how that would affect their purchase decision process. For buyers making the commute on public transportation, mobile interaction will have a powerful impact on the way that they begin each business day.  Many buyers use a separate computer at work than they do at home, so desktop ad targeting can only happen during the business day. Mobile is different because your ability to target goes home with them.

Clickagy plays an important role in this process by collecting data across nearly all of a consumer’s devices, allowing us to place them into audiences according to their interests and behaviors across both their personal and professional lives.  So, whether those B2B buyers are surfing the web during their subway commute, reading industry news at home after dinner, or scrolling through products while taking their habitual fifteen-minute bathroom break at the office, we see their clicks.  

In a B2B market that hasn’t fully accepted the massive potential of mobile ad targeting, Clickagy stands out as a powerful solution. We are a B2B company ourselves. We understand most of the marketing problems businesses face on a personal level, so we developed technology to solve them. We have the scale and the accuracy to reach any niche B2B market that a brand needs to contact in order to run a successful and affordable programmatic ad campaign.

Here is an example of just how granular we can get.  Recently, Clickagy pulled together audiences of B2B buyers in the automotive industry for an auto aftermarket marketing firm.  

Some audiences targeted were:

• Light duty diesel truck technicians researching injector issues

• Fleet owners and managers

• High level diagnostic technicians

Imagine that kind of granularity in your industry!  

Mobile ad targeting, and the data that powers it, is an important tool for everyone to use. Clickagy data can power your B2B campaign, no matter what your marketing goals are.


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