New Year’s Resolution: Gym Memberships

New Year’s Resolution: Gym Memberships

Each year, people feel empowered by the opportunities in front of them, hoping for success, prosperity, and happiness. People all over the nation come up with a range of New Year’s resolutions, thinking of ways to better themselves. It could look like this:

This peak time for self-improvement is great for gyms and health clubs. While they make promises to reinvent and rid themselves of their daily repetitive routine, your audience spends time researching ways to maintain their challenging resolutions.

Get new customers to sign up for your gym by tapping into market segments observed researching a place to exercise. Weight loss seems to be the losing battle each year, but by utilizing a targeted marketing campaign with a base of high-quality data, you’ll be celebrating their before and after images.

Rather than targeting a broad demographic of consumer segments, focus on those who are in-market or who demonstrate related interests. Target audience segments of people interested in “Athletic Wear” rather than a broad, imprecise demographic segment of  “men in their 50’s.” Get ahead of the competing gym by using Clickagy data to start targeting these audiences of consumers who want to lose their holiday fluff or bulk up.

Consumers In-Market for Exercise & Fitness or with an Interest in Exercise & Fitness

These consumers are driven to lose weight or bulk up! This segment may require some emotional support and reassurance along the way. They are self-motivated individuals when it comes to health and fitness, and are focused on achieving their personal best goals.

Consumers In-Market for Nutrition

While bodybuilders and extreme athletes are often the targeted audience for nutrition products, mainstream consumers with active lifestyles are often in-market as well. Beverages and snacks should not only taste good, but they should be good for you. With the new year rolling around, more and more consumers will be observed researching protein and whey products as well as supplements to help them better reach their physical goals or lose those extra pounds.

Businesses in Healthcare Promoting Exercise

Target consumers who have been observed researching weight-related healthcare or surgeries, and share your encouraging content to those who will more than likely be recommended to workout on a regular basis.

Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight management is an increasing market due to the increasing prevalence of obesity and related diseases. These consumers are researching how to lose or maintain their weight. This segment has been looking into weight loss books, cleanses, clinics, online-based subscriptions, and supplements. Market gym memberships toward those observed researching diet and weight loss as they aim to better themselves in the coming year.

Who says only your consumers get to seek mad gains. With high-quality data at your back, you can confidently add “achieve a record-breaking ROI” to your own resolution list!

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