New Year’s Resolution: Gym Memberships

Each year, people feel empowered by the opportunities in front of them, hoping for success, prosperity, and happiness. People all over the nation come up with a range of New Year’s resolutions, thinking of ways to better themselves. It could look like this:

This peak time for self-improvement is great for gyms and health clubs. While they make promises to reinvent and rid themselves of their daily repetitive routine, your audience spends time researching ways to maintain their challenging resolutions.

Get new customers to sign up for your gym by tapping into market segments observed researching a place to exercise. Weight loss seems to be the losing battle each year, but by utilizing a targeted marketing campaign with a base of high-quality data, you’ll be celebrating their before and after images.

Rather than targeting a broad demographic of consumer segments, focus on those who are in-market or who demonstrate related interests. Target audience segments of people interested in “Athletic Wear” rather than a broad, imprecise demographic segment of  “men in their 50’s.” Get ahead of the competing gym by using Clickagy data to start targeting these audiences of consumers who want to lose their holiday fluff or bulk up.

Consumers In-Market for Exercise & Fitness or with an Interest in Exercise & Fitness

These consumers are driven to lose weight or bulk up! This segment may require some emotional support and reassurance along the way. They are self-motivated individuals when it comes to health and fitness, and are focused on achieving their personal best goals.

Consumers In-Market for Nutrition

While bodybuilders and extreme athletes are often the targeted audience for nutrition products, mainstream consumers with active lifestyles are often in-market as well. Beverages and snacks should not only taste good, but they should be good for you. With the new year rolling around, more and more consumers will be observed researching protein and whey products as well as supplements to help them better reach their physical goals or lose those extra pounds.

Businesses in Healthcare Promoting Exercise

Target consumers who have been observed researching weight-related healthcare or surgeries, and share your encouraging content to those who will more than likely be recommended to workout on a regular basis.

Diet and Weight Loss

Weight loss and weight management is an increasing market due to the increasing prevalence of obesity and related diseases. These consumers are researching how to lose or maintain their weight. This segment has been looking into weight loss books, cleanses, clinics, online-based subscriptions, and supplements. Market gym memberships toward those observed researching diet and weight loss as they aim to better themselves in the coming year.

Who says only your consumers get to seek mad gains. With high-quality data at your back, you can confidently add “achieve a record-breaking ROI” to your own resolution list!

Wave Hello To Swimwear Season with a Clickagy Powered Campaign

Nothing sells swimsuits like those first few rays of sunshine in the spring, so when all this dreary weather thaws, your brand better be ready.  Use our 3rd party data in your next swimwear campaign and we’ll ensure that the audiences you reach have that seasonal spring in their step which is so lucrative for brands like yours.

When considering how to target your consumers, focus on why people are searching for a new suit, and we’ll help you develop those relevant audiences.   

Your consumers love fashion…

People who love fashion are easy to attract, and since swimwear fashion goes into hibernation over the winter months, fashion gurus will be excited to see what your brand offers when the seasonal tide turns. Share your ad with an audience of Clickagy proven fashionistas to stir up this excitement!


Your consumers are replacing tattered or outgrown suits…

Maybe they are buying for a couple of bean-sprout kids or maybe they let all those holiday cookies stick. Either way, they pulled out that suit from last year and noticed the stitching is squeezing all the wrong places. Clickagy has an audience for these groups, ready to be specialized according to in-market specifics.  


Your customers are going on vacation…

Lucky them! These customers may already have a few suits, but that trip to the Bahamas is exciting enough to make them want to don the most flattering set of spandex they can find. Our 3rd party data will tell you which consumers are prepping for a jaunt in warmer weather. Before they head off to soak up the sun, you’ll soak up some profit!


We’ll help you lift up your ROI like your most popular bikini lifts up…you know. Contact our team today!

PushSpring and Clickagy Partner to Bring Industry-Leading Data to Mobile

ATLANTA (November 20, 2018)  Clickagy announces a new partnership with audience marketplace PushSpring in a development that brings real-time behavioral data to the in-app market for the first time. Clickagy is now an integral part of PushSpring’s new custom audience building platform, Audience Marketplace, where marketers can build customizable audiences for same-day cross-device activation.  

PushSpring’s dedication to generating privacy complaint audiences of data from real consumers aligns well with Clickagy’s “farm-to-table” strategy. Clickagy collects all of its own data and creates handcrafted custom audiences free of modeling.

Clickagy CEO, Harry Maugans, is enthusiastic about the many opportunities this partnership presents. “The industry is changing at a breakneck speed and in-app has always been a limited channel for strategic targeting. The partnership between Clickagy and PushSpring enables performance-focused marketers access to a dataset previously unavailable,” Maugans says. “PushSpring has broken down many of the hurdles, and now with the addition of Clickagy’s behavioral data, the third rail has been crossed.”

Erica Chriss, PushSpring EVP of Business Development says, “The PushSpring team is excited to provide Audience Marketplace customers access to high-quality Clickagy behavioral data. Clickagy offers first-party cookie data on brands and provides brand affinity data across the Marketplace. With this data, customers are able to create custom audiences of users who have been observed researching specific brands or products, layering other Marketplace data sets to create a broad or precise audience, whichever meets their campaign goals. We look forward to growing this partnership with Clickagy and continuing to provide Marketplace customers with industry-leading data.”

Audiences created using Clickagy Data on the PushSpring platform can be securely sent to trusted DSP and DMP partners for same-day activation.  


Clickagy is a filter overlaid on the world’s digital activity to better identify, understand, and reach specific audiences. With data that is never modeled of watered down, Clickagy offers 3,000+ premade audiences of real-time consumers. By collecting real-time, granular data directly from the source, Clickagy enables buyers to realize the full potential of behavioral insights, increasing business profitability and enhancing strategic objectives, with handcrafted custom audiences based on specific keywords.  

PushSpring is the leading independent mobile app audience data provider, offering data, tools, and intelligence products to advertisers and mobile app publishers. PushSpring processes billions of monthly mobile app and device-level signals to create a highly accurate and complete multi-dimensional classification of mobile app audiences, offering nearly 200 million targetable device IDs. PushSpring Audiences, as well as a collection of partner provided data sets, can be accessed via the Pushspring Audience Console and distributed through industry leading DMPs, DSPs, and programmatic platforms. PushSpring has direct integrations with The Trade Desk, Google DBM, MediaMath, Centro, LiveRamp DataStore, and Oracle Data Cloud, as well as dozens of ad network platforms, to power mobile marketing objectives for brands and app owners. PushSpring is a member of the IAB, MMA and the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

For more information about this recent partnership, contact [email protected] or [email protected].  

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Marketers and Consumers: A Response to a Broken Industry

While consumers acknowledge that our advertising ecosystem allows many of the media products they love to remain free and accessible, the interruptions to their media experience and the privacy concerns that come with advertising leave people feeling exploited by the process.

The symbiotic relationship between consumers and marketers is two things: important to the survival of each and damaged to a critical level.  

Marketing is Mutually Beneficial

The simple goal of marketing is to connect products and people. The best way to market to interested consumers is to reach them in the right place at the right time. Traditionally, this has meant placing ads where people see them. Whether television ads, billboard ads, or online ads, the goal is for a product to come face to face with a consumer whose immediate reaction is, “Hey, I want that!” or to plant a seed that makes them later say, “I should buy that!” Most of the time, when consumers respond to advertising and marketing with such a conversion, it’s because they actually need or desire the product, and the marketing process led them to it.  In this way, the mutually beneficial relationship between marketers and consumers goes back and forth.

The Advertising Process is Injured

Advertisers face a frustrating reality: the public doesn’t like advertising. Years of branding success has only caused more and more ads to oversaturate the market, and people either grow embittered by the process or flat out ignore every ad they see. To worsen an already bad situation, privacy concerns, especially lately, affect public perception of advertisers’ intentions. Instead of demonstrating the healing transparency and security measures the public calls for, the advertising industry responds by ignoring the concerns and dealing in the same shady processes. Meanwhile, consumers consistently grow more and more ruffled.

We all have to do better, for our own sake.  If every component of the industry pulls its weight to repair this damage, this marketing ideal is a reality well within reach.

How do we reach this ideal, when functioning smoothly as a business is difficult enough on its own?

Everyone involved in the advertising space needs to come to terms with the problems within their own piece of the industry, working on the issues from the inside out. This means paying attention to other companies in the ecosystem and choosing to work only with the ones that promote transparency and consumer interest.

It also means:

  1. Data companies maintain a diligent watch over both the quality of data produced as well as being conscious of the ethical implications of their product.
  2. DSPs are more alert to ad safety threats.
  3. Agencies produce relevant content that genuinely benefits the consumers they hope to attract.  

Imagine the success of your campaign if you were reaching people who would see your ad as a beneficial addition to their media experience, rather than as an irritating interruption. Imagine if consumers trusted your ads.

Clickagy promises to do it’s part to produce a quality product and promote a better industry culture.  Read more about our Farm-to-table approach here.  

Get a Divorce From Your Bad Data Vendor!

So you’re a divorce lawyer and you want new clients, but what’s your marketing strategy?

Sending out controversial postcards to newlyweds with a ‘buy one divorce, get the next half off’ may send you to the dog house real quick! Marketing is tricky, and most consumers want to turn off the noise. We live in a world full of skeptics, and it’s easy to understand why since we’re continuously bombarded with irrelevant advertisements and lies. You know better than anyone: it can take years to build trust and seconds to lose it.

It’s increasingly difficult to successfully break into the market, especially when online divorce filings are on the rise. Clickagy has the solution for you! Each audience profile that we build starts with the fundamental knowledge of who your audience is (are they the nagging, needy wife or the inattentive, cheating husband?), all while protecting individual privacy, of course!

Gain an understanding of your target market and maximize your conversion rates with a data provider that you can actually trust. Clickagy provides marketers with measured keyword behavioral data that is processed with our AI and NLP platform. A user is observed searching online for how much a divorce costs, or researching companies who evaluate property so they know the value of their assets, will likely fall into the pre-divorce audience. Through anonymous behavioral patterns, Clickagy is able to predict that someone needs your services before they know it themselves.

Targeted content is crucial when connecting with a consumer’s intentions, so serve your ads to those showing real-time signals to up your conversion rate. When advertising engagement rings, wedding venues, or divorce lawyers, you want to avoid sharing your content with an unrelated audience to avoid wasting marketing dollars and pulling down your averages. Instead of targeting an entire demographic, concentrate your marketing dollars on exactly who is in-market for a divorce attorney.

Regardless of the message you send, whether it’s humorous and attention grabbing or contemplative and grievous, the most important thing is that it’s delivered to the right people at exactly the right time. Clickagy ensures that our data is fresh and accurate and that your audiences are built according to observed behaviors, not inaccurate assumptions.

Firms in the Family Law and Divorce industry have a difficult time getting their name out, but with Clickagy, you can trust that you’ll reach those who actually need your service. Help potential clients find your firm and enable individuals to have better access to expert legal advice.

Reach Furniture Buyers Suffering From a Bad Case of Red-Wine-Regret

A careful furniture buyer researches materials, prices, colors and many more components throughout the furniture-buying process, each making it time consuming and laborious. Your campaign will succeed when you connect interested consumers to a product that offers them exactly what they are looking for. In addition to targeting consumers in-market for your type of furniture product, target an audience that represents the consumers your product is most likely to resonate with. The key to finding all of these market niches is a trustworthy 3rd party data provider that offers scale and accuracy.

Here are five life-changing moments in a furniture consumer’s life that Clickagy has the granularity and scale to reach:

Buying or renting a new home

These consumers demonstrate online behavior that suggests they are renting or have recently purchased a new home. Every home is different, and even if a consumer hopes to keep most of their old furniture, some pieces just won’t work the same in the new space. Reach these consumers throughout the home buying process so they know to come to you when they need a new piece!

Remodeling a space

Consumers remodeling a room are going to make sure to fill their exciting upgraded space with furniture the fits well and matches perfectly. Give consumers the chance to build the perfect room from the inside out when you target audiences researching decorating techniques with your top-of-the-line furniture.


What does pregnancy mean to the furniture seller? It means cribs, changing stations, rocking chairs, tables, dressers, and many more nursery items a new parent will need. Help your customers transition to parenthood as easily as possible. Reach these new parents throughout their pregnancy so you are their go-to retailer when they experience this fabled nesting process.  

Moving to a different city

Consumers moving to new cities are the perfect furniture segment to target because they likely plan to pack as lightly as they can.  When your future consumer starts to pack their U-haul, the fluffy basement rug Rover the dog thinks is a luscious patch of grass won’t make the cut. By targeting people researching their move to a new city, your brand is in the perfect position to sweep in and offer a product to replace old furniture that’s been left behind.  

Recovering from damage to their home

In many cases consumers dealing with the aftermath of floods or fires are under pressure to replace damaged furniture as soon as they can. Ease their stress when you offer the right piece at the right time.  


The key to finding all of these market niches is a trustworthy 3rd party data provider that offers scale and accuracy. Clickagy can curate the perfect segment for your next furniture campaign. Contact our sales team today at [email protected] or spend some time exploring our website to see what our data can do for you.  

How We Get Our Data – From the Screen of a Consumer

Marketers fail when they lose touch with the human beings they are trying to reach. Clickagy solves that problem by building clear audiences based on consumer interest and behavior.  

Here’s how…from the screen of a consumer:

Meet Carrie Marco*. She’s an interior designer and mom with an affinity for cooking mediterranean food, Liz Claiborne jackets ,TV dramas, and two adorable dogs. She lives in Reno, Nevada and has built a home decorating business on her keen taste regarding simplistic patterns and the way light hits a clean surface.  

This Tuesday, an hour before Carrie makes the 7.5 minute commute to her son’s elementary school to pick him up, she sits down in her home office to log in to her favorite professional design blog. Blogs like this power her design creativity in a very real way, and every hour spent scrolling through articles and forums is an hour refining her taste. Sometimes, while looking at community posts, she will see a shared article that intrigues her.

Today, when Carrie clicks on an article, the page she’s brought to is part of a well-known interior design website that generates revenue with programmatic advertising and sponsorships. Embedded at the top of the article is a Clickagy tag. This tag pings our servers when Carrie hits the page, sending anonymous information like her IP address, browser information, approximate location, and page URL to our system. This page is then crawled by Clickagy and processed with our AI and NLP platform (we call her LEXI), categorizing the page Carrie is looking at according to the content on her screen. LEXI also makes sure to minimize false positives by negating errant or less relevant keywords from comment sections or related articles. By means of this process, Carrie is placed into an audience of interior designers.

Later that night while Carrie browses in boredom, she sees a link to a speculation article about the TV show General Hospital’s latest love triangle. As soon as Carrie clicks on that link and her eyes are on the page, a new Clickagy tag grabs her info, and she is added to the Clickagy drama television audience. In the sidebar of the article sits a clean ad for a reimagined victorian oak desk, reaching Carrie because earlier that day she was added to Clickagy’s interior designer audience.

Generating clear and functional audience formulas requires four main elements: tag technology, our AI NLP platform, the expertise of our team, and Audience Lab, a Clickagy platform that makes sense of all the raw data and segments people into relevant groups. We then deliver those segments to your preferred DSP or DMP anywhere, anytime.  

To leverage Clickagy’s ability to reach people like Carrie Marco, contact our sales team today.  

*Carrie Marco is an invented persona, generated for the purpose of illustration.  The data we use, however, is not invented, as your thriving conversion rate will show.
The Six Stages of the Purchase Process and How Clickagy Can Help During Each

The marketing community identifies six stages of consumer conversion in the online marketing space. From the moment your consumer recognizes they have a need, to after they have received your product, your brand will benefit from the 3rd party data and insights Clickagy contributes all along the way. 

 Here is how Clickagy technology can help you throughout the entire conversion process:


Clickagy collects activity from 1.5 billion devices across millions of domains, generating a unique understanding of the entire online market. We provide important insights regarding the wants and needs of your consumers before they have even considered a solution to their specific problem. By harnessing our raw data and converting it into understandable conclusions, Clickagy offers your brand a clear picture of the parts of the online market you can’t see and helps you predict your consumer needs long before your competitors can.

Research and Product Evaluation

As soon as your consumers are in-market for your product or your competitor’s product, Clickagy sees that activity and can immediately translate it into an actionable audience. Your consumers will be seen in-market and served ads before they have made their decision, catching them at a critical moment in the purchasing process so they choose your brand first.   

Decision and Purchase

By pairing our scalable 3rd party data with your brand’s 1st party data, we provide a clear understanding of what your customers were doing online before they converted. Using this data, we’ll help your brand generate a complete picture of your ideal consumer so you can tailor every aspect of your campaigns toward more of these conversion successes.  

Post-Purchase Evaluation

With the same pairing of your 1st party data to our 3rd party data, you will see how your current customers behave across the web after they convert. We’ll identify when your customers disconnect with your brand or are tempted by competitors so you can take action before you lose their loyalty.  

For more information about how Clickagy can play a game-changing role in your next campaign, contact our sales team today!

Clickagy CEO Harry Maugans to Present Powerful Campaign Successes at AASA Tech Conference

Harry Maugans, CEO of Clickagy, will be speaking on October 2, 2018 at the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) Tech Conference. Maugans was invited through a partnership with MontAd Media, a group that boasts a prominent influence on the automotive parts and aftermarket industry. He will share insights regarding the ways that parts and aftermarket companies can use new technology to identify and connect with hard to reach audiences.

Al Haberstroh, partner and Chief Strategy Officer for MontAd Media says, “Clickagy technology is a game changer for the aftermarket. It solves many marketing pain points and opens new sales opportunities that could never be pursued before.”

The presentation will discuss:
• How third party data can be used effectively in the aftermarket space
• The benefits of targeting in-market consumers and B2B buyers
• Case study examples of what a successful targeting campaign looks like

Clickagy’s partnership with MontAd media reaches across the data and auto parts space to create an effective method for reaching auto aftermarket consumers in real-time while they are still in-market for products. The partnership has already successfully generated a commercial vehicle brakes campaign that delivered over 250% improvement in click through rate (CTR), view through rate (VTR), and cost per conversion (CPC).

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Why Digital Ad Campaigns Fail

Online advertising is a central part of any contemporary marketing strategy. Many businesses struggle when it comes to advertising their services or products online; they’re spending too much money and not seeing a return. If you’re currently investing in online advertising and nothing is working, it’s time to examine why.

No one learns how to play Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas in the first five minutes of a lesson. The piano isn’t what misses the mark, it’s the pianist. You need to learn how to play before you can become a master pianist or composer. Below are three areas you need to examine to ensure that you’re hitting the right keys for a flawless programmatic campaign.

1. Your ads are not relevant to the audience you’re targeting:

If your content does not appeal to your audience’s wants or needs, then you could be damaging your entire campaign. Stop wasting dollars on a strategy that’s putting your message in front of out-of-market or irrelevant consumers. Instead of marketing hiking boots to everyone that comes across your sporting goods website, market only to consumers who are interested in hiking. Build your business by targeting responsive consumers with compatible ads, presenting them with products based on their unique interests, and watch your ROI summit new peaks!

2. You’re focusing on traffic rather than conversions:

Why spend your precious marketing budget on generating traffic for your website? Sure, website traffic is important because more visitors increase the number of opportunities you have to gain new customers, share your brand, and deliver a great first-impression…but none of that will impress your CFO. You need conversions!

The majority of visitors won’t automatically convert into sales by being sent through your conversion funnel. In lieu of relying solely on website traffic to increase your conversion rates, focus on someone with cash in hand rather than the window shoppers who will not convert. Precise audience data is critical for driving real conversions, and Clickagy can help!

3. You’re doing exactly what your competitors are doing:

Most marketing channels are already overly saturated, so why target the same audience as your competitors? Marketing success happens when businesses are able to reach their consumers before their competitors, and with Clickagy’s fresh Farm-to-Table data, you’ll gain a competitive edge. Position yourself ahead of competing brands by handcrafting unique audiences for each specific campaign objective, instead of purchasing mass-sold, off-the-shelf segments.

How to prevent programmatic campaigns from losing money:

The best online advertising campaigns improve over time, so let’s get started today! Instead of purchasing 3rd party data that has been pre-packaged for commercial re-use, purchase granular data directly from the source.

Use Clickagy’s rich audience data to lower CPCs and CPAs by targeting your market with stunning accuracy. Partner with Clickagy and ensure your strategy is primed for prosperity!

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