Are Your Halloween Campaigns Haunted by Poor Programmatic Performance?

Whether you’re promoting chilling decorations or taking advantage of the spooky atmosphere for a Halloween themed marketing campaign, effective programmatic needs a foundation of high quality data. With Clickagy’s real-time, 3rd party data, we build audiences in-house, without watering them down with modeling or old, dusty data.

Base your programmatic campaign on in-market and interest-based consumers rather than on broad demographic segments; if a consumer shows an interest in one Halloween tradition, they are likely to jump for others as well. Interest-based targeting offers a much sweeter result than a campaign that targets demographic audiences like “women in their 40’s” or “college students between 18 and 24”.  

There is no need to let this holiday sneak up on you like a poorly-staged jump scare from the 2008 horror parody “Zombie Strippers.”  This August, Clickagy is thinking ahead of the curve with a list of audiences your campaign should target during Halloween season:

Consumers In-Market for Halloween Decorations

Consumers in-market for Halloween decorations are willing to invest time, valuable closet space, and money into spooky effects and figurines. We have no doubt that they also want to take part in what your brand has to offer.

Consumers In-Market for Thanksgiving Decor

Many consumers bundle all of their fall holidays into one sweeping seasonal decorating effort. You know the look: corn husks, pumpkins, colorful leaves, scarecrows, etc. To access these consumers and their fall interest, target your ads to our in-market for Thanksgiving decor audience.

Consumers In-Market for Halloween Costumes

Consumers in-market for Halloween costumes love the holiday at large, and can be counted on to wear their adopted persona to a Halloween themed party or trick-or-treating event. Consider broadening your target to include general costume interest from buyers interested in cosplay, renaissance festivals, mystery dinners, and more.

Consumers with Seasonal Entertainment Interests

This audience of consumers interested in specific types of entertainment such as magic shows, thriller novels, or horror movies are already in the mood for a chilling atmosphere. Tap into these Clickagy audiences and their interest in the supernatural while you establish this year’s Halloween campaign as a record-breaking success!  

Clickagy backs you up with crystal clear data for a campaign that is ready to meet the market head on and receive better results than ever before.

Are you ready for this year’s Halloween programmatic campaign to be spooky good?

Data Matters When Your Client is the Tooth Fairy

You can’t believe it, but your boss at the agency just handed you a huge account. Your work on this project will show the big cheese what you’re made of and you finally have a chance to gain some leverage for that promotion. With such career-changing potential at stake, you do NOT want to mess this up.  

It’s remarkable: Your newest client is the Tooth Fairy!

Okay, not really, but the elusiveness of the campaign, its otherworldly budget, and some ambitious demands make you feel like you’ve landed a mythical creature.

Let’s just go with it.

So what problem is the Tooth Fairy having?

It’s a classic one: her ROI has gone down, thanks to fuzzy, black box data, and she needs innovative ways to boost her campaign. Like any programmatic effort, the Tooth Fairy is looking for real results in the rapidly changing world of ad tech. Apparently, pixie dust is just too expensive.

The Tooth Fairy’s marketing department tells her that she needs to reach 1 million households each night and deliver shiny quarters under pillows (or Bitcoin…seriously, kids are starting to get Bitcoin for losing teeth). Additionally, she needs accurate numbers so that her nightly operation functions as smoothly as a jazz concert. With such large scale, and the critical need to impress, you immediately know this campaign needs Clickagy’s 3rd party data!

      Why is Clickagy the best choice for your Tooth Fairy campaign?


Clickagy collects data in real-time, building audiences of consumers in market for relevant products right now. The pillows visited last week are unlikely to harbor more gleaming teeth tonight, no matter what our competitors may say with poorly constructed models. Clickagy’s data represents consumers who are in-market right now, so the Tooth Fairy won’t have to worry about constructing her marketing operation on data that’s due for some flossing.


Clickagy Audience Lab segments are handcrafted according to specific client need. For example, the Tooth Fairy would be most interested in targeting adult consumers in-market for products relevant to elementary-age children. Think school supplies, kid-sized soccer cleats, chewable calcium tablets in the shape of Disney princesses, etc. By constructing accurate audiences according to consumer interests, Clickagy enables marketing precision that drives game-changing results!


Clickagy audiences are clean and free of hazy data. The Tooth Fairy needs to spend her evenings collecting pearly teeth and cannot afford to be sent to the wrong houses. Clickagy collects all of its own data, eliminating the variables that come when a provider uses middlemen. We call this concept Farm-to-Table Data.  

Your unicorn-like contract with that esteemed brand you want to impress is important to us. Your promotion is important to us. Honest data is important to us. Our structure ensures that Clickagy is supporting your most important client relationships with precise and powerful data.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clickagy’s audience data can be the bedrock of your next programmatic campaign, contact our team today!  

Reach Eco-Friendly Buyers with Exact Behavioral Targeting

It’s no secret that in today’s market environmental ethics sell. In fact, roughly 50% of adults say they are willing to sacrifice convenience for an environmentally safe product.

In the last 30 days, Clickagy observed millions of people researching clean energy, environmental political issues, pollution, and vegetarian products.

Clickagy, Programmatic, Eco-Friendly Data, AdTech, 3rd Party Data

We are constantly tracking consumer interests and packaging this data into audiences. Right now, each of these packages of data is ready to be delivered directly to your preferred DMP or DSP.

In addition to packaging on-the-go audiences, Clickagy also created the Audience Lab, a platform that allows you to create a custom audience based on where diverse consumer behaviors intersect with each other. With granular third-party data from one of our custom audiences, you’ll upgrade basic demographic targeting to surgical behavioral targeting.

Reaching Eco-Friendly Buyers:

There are two kinds of eco-friendly consumers: people who appreciate the option to make ethical purchases and people who choose to live an entirely green lifestyle. A Clickagy custom audience can include both kinds of consumer or create a separate audience for each.

The Casual Eco-Friendly Consumer:  

When you market to these buyers, position your product as a guilt-free option to what they’re already buying. Capitalize on existing in-market behavior by offering your eco-friendly product to the perfect Clickagy custom audience as an alternative to environmentally irresponsible products.

Clickagy Audience Third party Data for Eco-Friendly lifestyle consumers

The Lifestyle Eco-Friendly Consumer:

This group of eco-friendly consumers is smaller, but devoted to the ethical foundation of environmentally-safe products. They are committed to an eco-friendly lifestyle, right down to the smallest of details, and are willing to forfeit convenience toward this effort. Clickagy will help you reach the perfect audience of lifestyle eco-friendly buyers while you captivate them with the message that will drive conversions.

Clickagy Audience of casual eco-friendly enthusiasts

Clickagy’s Audience Lab platform is able to sort all of these consumers into custom audiences and send them directly to your preferred DMP or DSP. When you pair a killer creative with one of Clickagy’s hand-picked audiences in a precision programmatic effort, your ROI will soar!  

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clickagy’s audience data can improve your programmatic performance, contact our team today.

Farm-to-Table: Artisanal Data

The phrase “Farm-to-Table” is a growing concept in the food world. It describes when food is directly-sourced from the farm and delivered to the restaurant, without wholesalers or middlemen, allowing for a high-quality product with complete transparency into the food production process. The same concept can be applied to data, where it is obtained directly from the source in real-time by Clickagy technology, providing a trusted approach to audience data. By owning the entire process, you can fully trust and understand what is contained within Clickagy data. Try an organic solution; think of your marketing efforts like the food you eat!

      Interpret your data:

  1. Sourced: Where does your audience originate? Does your data provider farm it themselves or are they simply a reseller of someone else’s product?

Your company gains an impressive edge over the competition when your data is pure instead of assumed and modeled. Stop using watered down sources like look-alike modeling or broad generalizations, and upgrade your campaign to Clickagy’s surgical, observed data!

  1. Freshness: How recently was your data harvested? Is it already old and stale by the time you get it? …are you sure?

Simply receiving data is not good enough; if data is not fresh, it loses value and relevance. Avoid the muck and embrace the freshness of Clickagy’s 3rd party data that has never been inadequately packaged or mislabeled. Our data is collected in real-time, then delivered to your ad buying platform as quickly as possible, ensuring nothing is stale!

  1. Quality Assurance: Is your data contaminated? Is it modeled with fillers and byproducts to give the illusion of quality at scale?

Have you ever questioned when another data vendor says they have 30 million CEOs? Or when they can target all 500 million Line Dance enthusiasts in the US? Farm-to-Table data ensures quality by reducing the role of the middleman, eliminating the defects.

  1. Preparation: Does your organization demand transparent visibility into your 3rd party audiences? Do you know who prepares it or how many people have handled it?

By embracing Farm-to-Table data, you are able to work with a more viable structure that clarifies exactly where and how your data has been prepared. Our dedicated team of audience strategists are always available to assist when creating the perfect audience, and our team is happy to walk you through the process, step-by-step, explaining how your data is collected and can be best utilized.

Put your finger on the pulse of the nation with Clickagy. Our surgical data ensures you can find the needles in a haystack exactly when you need them! Feel confident and safe with Clickagy’s 3rd party data and its unmasked provenance. With Clickagy’s fresh behavioral prospects, you can be confident that your campaign will precisely reach your intended audience, without false positives!

Summit the Outdoor Recreation Market with Precision 3rd Party Data

An astonishing $887 billion is spent annually on outdoor recreation in the US alone! That’s a massive market fueled by passionate consumers who live and breathe the anti-fluorescent lifestyle.

When developing your marketing strategy for reaching outdoor enthusiasts, notice the diversity of the market. Audiences like hikers, mountain bikers, fishermen, hunters, spelunkers, etc., are all outdoor enthusiasts. Each group further splits into varying levels of experience and intensity: for example, novice hikers need sturdy boots but don’t necessarily require traction cleats like an adept mountaineer would.

Instead of crowding each of these audiences into black boxes like “Outdoor Enthusiasts,” Clickagy is able to separate them into high precision segments, ensuring you only target relevant people. Why pay for a heavy-handed mass marketing endeavor that reaches as many people as possible with the accuracy of a spray bottle?

Clickagy captures your distinct audience in real-time and delivers it directly to your preferred DSP or DMP. When your ads are shown to more interested consumers, you will dramatically improve ROI and grant more opportunities for growth.

How does this look in practice?

If a cyclist shows interest in kayaking, your brand is right there with them, promoting pedal drive kayaks. When a snowboarder shops for a new board, an ad is served for new bindings as well.   When an expert rock climber researches a lightweight sleeping bag, your brand offers them a portaledge hanging tent system. If a photographer is looking at trails in the Grand Canyon, your brand is there with a backpack that prioritizes weight and stability. Clickagy has the high-quality data intelligence to help you reach the right person with the right message at the right time.   

If you’re interested in learning more about how Clickagy’s audience data can improve your programmatic performance and help your ROI summit a new peak, contact our team today!

6 Home-Improvement Audiences to Target This Summer

This summer your consumers are going to be taking advantage of the warm weather, the extra time on their hands, and a breezy good mood to take on some extra projects around the house. If you are a landscaping company, painter, kitchen furnishing company, or interior designer that isn’t getting the ROI you want online, maybe your marketing strategy could use a remodel as well. Rather than blindly targeting a massive audience of homeowners, consider a more curated and granular approach that targets homeowners within these six specific interest groups:


Gardening and Landscaping

They say the early bird catches the worm, an idiom that is certainly true in the case of gardeners who begin their planting projects in the early spring. However, these audiences are never done working the land. Our technology can select this audience based on their direct visits to web pages that discuss gardening items and tactics throughout the year as they improve their gardens and plan for next year. Active gardeners have the interest and time for outdoor improvement, making them a good match for home improvement targeting as well.

Home Entertaining

Whether these homeowners are families or live with a dual income and no kids, this audience is determined to impress. They may look for new patio furniture to accompany grilling endeavors throughout the summer or consider updating the dining room before they have guests over when the weather cools down. Make sure to target this crowd throughout the summer so they have you in mind when they pursue their next home improvement strategy.


The furniture in-market audience is already beginning to invest in a remodel of some type and is taking advantage of the warm weather to get off the couch in order to find a new one. These consumers are opening their minds to changes within their home, offering a powerful marketing opportunity to marketers in the realm of home improvement.

Outdoor Games

The consumers with an interest in outdoor games have the time on their hands for some home improvement measures and are likely to take on a new project soon. Take advantage of this opportunity to think ahead of the curve so that your brand is the one that comes to mind when these consumers decide to make those changes.   

Back to School

Back to school parents of preschoolers, preteens, and teens are in-market for backpacks, crayons, papers, pens, and clothes. These consumers will descend on the market heavily in mid-July as the new school year approaches, all with one thing in common: kids. As parents herd their kids through the aisles, comparing crayon prices at Walmart, they are going to be keenly aware of the fact that their kids are growing up too fast. Parents at this time of year look back at a whole summer and wonder how nothing got done. This is the perfect opportunity for marketers to jump on the home improvement market with bedroom and kitchen remodel options.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is an extensive process that can leave an engaged couple exhausted, stressed, and less affluent than they would like to be. However, a wedding also implies a major change in life that indicates newlyweds who may soon be first-time home buyers. If so, they will be needing to take necessary home improvement measures when they move in. Market to the wedding planning audience in anticipation of the next big step their lives will take.


Just like painting a home, your marketing campaign requires careful attention to detail and individual interest in specifics. This is how Clickagy can help. Our unique, third-party data collection technique allows us to select a hand-picked audience for your specific needs and offers a marketing strategy that is more direct and effective as it targets consumers that are genuinely interested in your products.

Beer Audiences on Tap – CPG Data

From hometown craft-breweries to the global empires, customer loyalty is important to the beer market! With times changing and demographics being broken down, it’s time to infuse your strategy with a stout data source. As a brewing industry marketer, how are you influencing the right hops enthusiasts? Data can transform your brand while providing your marketing strategy with a delicious edge!

Companies have been collecting big data for years to reveal trends in online behavior. The collected information empowers marketing initiatives by gaining insight into beer connoisseurs. To streamline your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll need data that isn’t skunked!

     …but how?

Simple. Through microbrewed data!

  1. High-volume: big data comes from all over the web, and Clickagy scours over 1.5 billion devices across the US to find the relevant audience segments who are likely to engage.
  2. High-velocity: real-time data lets you reach consumers while they are still in-market. For example: during a party-planning phase rather than the day after the party.
  3. High-granularity: detailed data that can be shaped to meet the needs of each individual beer marketer while avoiding any broad, overbearing categories that are a forced fit. Instead, Clickagy provides data that is snug!

Just like beer, data has a great potential for complexities. The more variables that are incorporated, the better the taste. Instead of marketing single variable beers to a single variable audience, market toward a plentiful and dimensional audience with great volume and accuracy. Instead of marketing toward people who are employed or have a median household income, choose to market wisely and target niches. Use smart data to turn heads and capture the attention of those who prefer craft beer or grab those who have shown interest in webpages like Beer Advocate or Untappd. Tap into a steady flow of granular data today instead of waiting until the end of the fermentation process.

The beer industry can realize huge ROI gains from better data intelligence. Clickagy sees a vast amount of activity online from beer enthusiasts, and tapping into that can help breweries in the production process know when to boost inventory of certain beers and when to maintain stock to keep consumers happy. Data algorithms are able to analyze which beers should be placed on sale during a seasonal period to sell more. By anticipating what consumers want before they show in-market signals, your brewery is able to rethink existing marketing strategies and merge the data to stay on top of consumer demand and maintain a competitive advantage in an aggressive market.

Clickagy can guide your digital transformation through providing curated and custom niche segments to help you meet and exceed your marketing goals. Leverage surgical 3rd-party data to increase efficiency by working with Clickagy’s high-precision data. Clickagy offers real-time, premium behavioral data that will serve you a relevant and tailored beer audience before the yeast settles at the bottom of the tank. Data can transform your brand while providing you with a momentous competitive edge! It’s time to outperform your competition with filtered data. Benefit from Clickagy’s ability to remove impurities and provide custom-built audiences to hit your ideal prospects.

Become lager than life with Clickagy.

Big data, better beer.

Related audience segments:








Gun Rights vs Gun Control: The Unspoken Public Opinion

     There are few subjects that generate more fervent debate than gun control and gun rights. In the United States, mass shootings are all too common. From the Santa Fe High School tragedy to Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, these horrific tragedies plague our news. The trouble is it’s not possible to accurately determine what people think about guns in the US from questionnaires, surveys, and interviews. Sampling bias is huge, and the more controversial the subject, the pollsters skew toward the loud minority, rather than the vocal majority. You can read the findings of surveys over and over again, but often, it’s the unspoken opinions that count. So, how do you find out what’s really going on in people’s minds and determine the difference between public opinion and private reflection? Clickagy’s substantial tracking of internet behaviors is a unique solution to paint an unbiased and pure picture of consumer opinions. Instead of relying on hand-raisers to declare their controversial opinions publicly, Clickagy can observe the content they are actually reading online and actively researching. Clickagy is then able to measure this deterministic data across over 91% of the Internet-connected devices in the US, eliminating inaccuracies from extrapolation. Clickagy taps into the unspoken voices of America, providing an unprecedented clarity to public opinion.

What the Polls Say and the Clickagy Difference

     Information obtained from surveys suggest is that the majority of people who participate in polls hold certain beliefs, but there’s always a risk that public opinion is actually different to private opinion. What one says may actually be completely different to what he or she thinks, and ultimately, what one does. If you’re trying to navigate your way around gray areas, evaluating concrete data is likely to get you further than reading responses to loaded questions. Clickagy tracks devices, including phones and tablets, showing the level of interest in subjects like gun control and gun rights among audiences that are engaged in this issue. There’s no room for subjective interpretation or poetic license with numbers and the Clickagy strategy points to the fact that there isn’t always a correlation between thoughts and actions. Collected in real time, this data shows just how many people are visiting pages related to gun control and gun rights. Polls may suggest that there has been a jump in support for tighter gun controls, but it’s also useful to analyze data related to gun rights. The differences in numbers collected by Clickagy provide an insight into what people think that may not be reflected in poll findings or watered down results quoted in news bulletins or press articles. Tracking data obtained directly by Clickagy demonstrates around 30.4% more people observed researching gun control and gun rights. This represents a 23.1% jump in consumers who care about restricting the rights of gun owners than last year, likely due to recent school shootings. Advocates for gun rights and freedoms are down by 12.7%, of which, in the previous three month period an incredible 5.6% have shifted positions from historically advocating for gun rights into actively researching some form of gun control. America was founded on the right to bear arms, however, recent trends in the popular opinion clearly show an increasing number of citizens opting to restrict that freedom, even to a small degree.

     The behavioral tracking techniques used by Clickagy show what specific audiences are interested in and what content they’re consuming online; primarily used for programmatic advertising, analytics, and attribution. However, the scale and purity of data also make it ideal for measuring unspoken public opinion. At the time of writing, within the past 30 days, more than 3.75 million devices (including mobile phones, tablets, and computers) have been observed researching issues related to gun control. That’s almost 1.5 devices per second! The numbers are much lower for those researching gun rights (only 2.9 million in the past 30 days). These devices belong to people who have a genuine interest in how the government is going to adapt or modify gun control, specifically siding with protecting the rights of gun owners. These users may have a connection to activist groups or associations like the NRA or Everytown for Gun Safety. Those researching gun rights are likely to have an interest in public safety, self-defense, and the Second Amendment.

     After every mass shooting in the US, you can be sure that there will be a raft of polls published in the mainstream media. The latest school shooting in Santa Fe seems to have hit people particularly hard, and there has been an outpouring of public support for tougher gun controls. In the aftermath of the Texas shooting, the Quinnipiac University National Poll revealed that 66% of people supported more stringent, rigorous laws. This represents the highest figure on record and a major leap from 47% in 2015. Sixty-seven percent of people agreed that it is too easy to buy a gun in America, but only 40% suggested that stricter gun control measures would be the most effective means of reducing the risk of mass shootings in the future. Of those who oppose tougher measures, the majority believe that more robust controls would impinge on their basic right to own a gun.

Why Clickagy Data Offers Improved Insights Over Public Polls

     If you read the results of public surveys published in newspapers and other outlets, you are only seeing part of the picture, however, until recently that was the best option for reporting on public opinion. When you’re filling in a survey, you have a choice about which answer you give or box you tick. You can be completely honest, or you can go with the option that you think you should select. This pressure was the root problem of the wildly inaccurate polls before the Trump presidential election. Often there’s a difference between the opinions and ideas that hand-raisers share in a public arena, or even when surrounded by a group of friends or family and the thoughts that are going through your mind behind closed doors. For one reason or another, this disconnect can force you not to disclose the whole truth when you’re ticking those boxes. Clickagy analysis focuses on unfiltered data points which offer an empirical insight into actual behavior, rather than predicted trends or actions. As well as there being a risk of misrepresenting public opinion by using polls, there’s also a chance that the findings of surveys can be presented in a way that increases the risks of inaccuracies or contributes to bias. Clickagy tracking data provides an insight into trends that aren’t always presented in the media, for example, the shifting tide between the number of raw devices observed researching gun control vs gun rights.

Uncovering Unspoken Opinions

     As we’ve already deduced, public opinion polls can provide an insight, but they are dependent on honesty, and they represent a small segment of society. A more effective means of gathering and analyzing data may lie in using Clickagy to track data related to raw browsing patterns. Analyzing raw browsing patterns offers an insight into what people are actually looking at and the subject areas that genuinely matter to them. The figures may support the fact that there has been an increase in interest in the use of guns and gun ownership in the US, but it could also challenge the findings of public opinion polls. Take the election as an example. Very few pollsters had Donald Trump down to be the victor. The TV personality turned politician may not have been the popular option on paper, but if you tracked browsing and took actual behaviors into account, you might have been surprised to see how voraciously many people were researching the guy who was previously most famous for saying ‘you’re fired’ on a reality show.

     Gun control and gun rights will continue to dominate media discussions until there’s a dramatic shift in policy or an end to mass shootings. What is up for debate is how people actually feel versus how they say they feel. For this reason, the behavioral analysis provided by Clickagy provides a refreshingly pure and accurate insight into the difference between public opinion and unspoken personal stance.

Not Your Mother’s… In-Market Mother’s Day Audience

Buying a gift for Mother’s Day is an example of procrastination at it’s finest. You’re not procrastinating if you’re thinking about doing it, right? So why not influence your Mother’s Day audience well in advance and capture the attention of the seasonal shoppers despite their early planning and late purchasing? Mother’s Day, the third highest holiday by spend behind Valentine’s Day and Christmas, offers numerous opportunities for brands and marketers to capitalize on. Simply targeting people with mothers is about as broad as targeting gets, so how do you refine your marketing? Imagine being able to target those with the last-minute mentality? Or those who are hand-raisers and actively looking online for ideas? Or what if you could reach those who are window shopping your competitors? Mother’s Day is a retail opportunity that only comes once per year, so ensure your campaigns are hitting the right people with data available exclusively from Clickagy! High-quality online behavioral data will identify people who are in the prime position to convert!

Based on Clickagy’s data intelligence from 2017, the busiest retail purchase day for the occasion was Mother’s Day itself, doubling the numbers from days before. Our behavioral data shows that Mother’s Day signals and purchases are mainly made over the weekends rather than the weekdays starting in mid-April. Clickagy delivers you pure audiences to target without being watered down by industry tricks designed to artificially create scale, instead we provide both custom and premade taxonomy audiences to help you reach shoppers who are prepared to carry-out a purchase rather than the window shoppers who are not serious about buying now.

Cllickagy offers equitable 3rd-party audience data that’s built around Mother’s Day shoppers aimed to better target in-market fathers, sons, and daughters across the US, reaching a cherry-picked audience from Clickagy’s 1.5 billion observed devices. Our “Farm-to-Table”  data enables you to identify those researching Mother’s Day products such as jewelry or flowers.

Crush sales goals this season with unprecedented ROI, powered by Clickagy’s unique and surgical audience targeting technology! Best of all, you can leverage our audiences within your existing DSP or DMP; no changing programmatic vendors! Harness the power of big data coupled with Clickagy’s best-of-breed targeting technology, and this Mother’s Day creates a truly personalized and impactful experience that resonates and drives hard sales numbers. Upgrade your programmatic efforts with Clickagy’s 3rd-party data, and together we’ll bring smiles to countless mothers from coast-to-coast!

Improve Your DSP Campaign Performance with Clickagy Audience Data

Leveraging DSP capabilities for your programmatic buying is the first step in carving out your market share using leading-edge advertising. No matter which DSP you choose, your programmatic media campaigns will be far more effective when you leverage Clickagy to ensure your ads are reaching the proper target audience.

More Impressions, Greater Cost

Both CPCs and CPMs for ad impressions are getting more competitive as more marketers enter the fray. In 2018, net advertising revenues are projected to hit $197 billion with digital ads comprising 50% of all ad dollars spent. With the costs of display space increasing by leaps and bounds and tighter competition to grab views, if you’re not leveraging the most accurate third-party data, you’re wasting your precious ad dollars.

Ad spends for Google rose in Q4 2017 by almost 40% year over year for mobile and more than 21% for desktop with mobile devices the increasing area of focus by advertisers. In the same period, Facebook ad spend grew 20%, but this may be tempered by the social site’s recent (and permanent) shuttering of its Partner Categories program after the very public scandal associated with Cambridge Analytica.

Quality Third Party Data Is the Differentiator

Using a platform like Clickagy’s Audience Lab for improving performance of your DSP campaigns is vital in an increasingly aggressive ad buying market. Tapping relevant and accurate 3rd-party data to inform your digital campaign targeting drives better ad campaign performance, lowering CPA of DSP campaigns, and improving ad spend ROI.

Fine tuning controls like dayparting, impressions caps, and blacklisting sources can only improve your programmatic campaign incrementally. To see quick, substantial improvements in your programmatic campaign metrics, you must reach the right people, and the only way to hit the sweet spot is via third-party data. But not all data is equal.

Why Clickagy?

Simply, Clickagy is a radically better source to inform your ad buying and programmatic campaign targeting. Real-time observed data, rather than modeled, is invaluable to your programmatic ads because it’s both relevant and timely. If a programmatic campaign doesn’t target the right people, nothing else matters.

Focusing on the “who” is far more important than “how” and too many marketers get caught up in the latter. Solid data drives successful campaigns and Clickagy has a track record of outperforming competitors in this arena.

Clickagy’s CEO, Harry Maugans, says, “We’re determined to disrupt the 3rd party data space and remodel our industry. Our proprietary AI puts previously unavailable accuracy at scale in your hands. We’re redefining audience visibility by helping our clients identify, target, and compel to action their ideal customer.”

Six Compelling Reasons You Need Clickagy

Better data means better ad performance. Clickagy outperforms most other 3rd party data sources, and that’s why we’re disrupting the market. Our data gets your programmatic ads in the face of in-market targets, so they click, convert to sales, and you profit. That’s how optimizing campaigns should work, and with Clickagy you’ll see game-changing results.

Here are our competitive advantages:

1. Real-Time Data

Most 3rd party data providers sell you 60-90-day (or older) data as in-market signals, promoting them as fresh prospects. They’re not. It’s stale data. Things change in the world of digital data on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis. Why settle for already out-of-date information for your programmatic campaign?

Visit day or night, 24/7/365, to see our real-time behavioral data collection machine at work. Our audience intelligence platform is churning data constantly from a vast array of sources and then parsing that data for clients to optimize their programmatic campaigns.

2. Purely Observed, Never Modeled

When spending on programmatic media, you shouldn’t put blind faith (and your dollars) behind shoddy data. Data accuracy overwhelmingly affects the outcome of your ad campaign, so data integrity is paramount. The bulk of third-party data available to purchase and leverage is modeled data. That means it’s a guess.

The accuracy of that estimation depends on data reliability and the effectiveness of the math behind the predictive model. Why rely on fuzzy math when you can use Clickagy’s 100% observed data instead? Deterministic data is the holy grail of advertising precision – every single person in a Clickagy delivered audience was observed interacting with relevant content within the past 24 hours (or less).

3. Digitally Sourced Data

Many 3rd party data companies rely on offline target data then onboard it into their system. It’s an inherently flawed approach as onboarding has an astonishing failure rate. These data providers don’t have the juice because they’re missing input from roughly 50% of digital devices on the internet. Have you ever heard of an onboarding rate much higher than 50%? No – and that means an offline source will never target any of these devices.

Don’t settle for half the data you need. Clickagy amasses data from observed behaviors by sifting almost all the accessible devices online in the US. This access allows us to mine data that other providers can’t obtain and provide our clients with targeting that no one else can reach.

4. Unparalleled Targeting

Almost isn’t good enough. At most third-party data companies, they’re satisfied with getting close to the target and expect you to pay them for helping you target a less-than-accurate audience. Would you pay an Uber driver that dropped you off near, but not at the airport? Of course not.

Clickagy tracks 91% of internet-connected devices in America – more than 1.5 billion laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The scale of data we gather, interpret, and leverage for our clients is unparalleled. That’s how we precisely target the audience data for your programmatic campaigns.

5. Adaptability 

Automation is the key to productivity in the digital age. The DSP automates the process of buying impressions and sets the stage for you to launch your programmatic media campaign. Clickagy builds your custom in-market audience list, then sends it to your DSP for you to activate media against.

Your typical 3rd party data providers stop after setting up the campaign and pressing “go” but not Clickagy. From there, we track KPIs and listen to you to further refine the programmatic on the fly while it’s underway for meticulously precise results. Clickagy stands alone in this space in that we establish true partnerships rather than transactional relationships.

6. Constant Transparency 

Other 3rd party data companies can’t afford to be transparent with their clients because it would expose the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the information they’re selling. Try this – ask another data provider how they know someone is in-market and watch them sweat.

Clickagy works differently and takes a collaborative approach with clients. You know your target customer, and we know data. Together, we will carve out the most relevant audience to meet your advertising needs while reducing your ad spend to reach them.

Visit Clickagy’s audience page to explore our taxonomy audiences by demographics, B2B, in-market, interests, health, and brands. We’re outdoing our competitors by providing data they can’t and are doing it a lower price. You need Clickagy for your next DSP programmatic. 

Clickagy’s CEO, Harry Maugans, says, “Clickagy’s data is real and pure, not modeled. We empower your programmatic campaigns with surgically precise data and provide this specificity at a rate that undercuts our lesser-performing competitors. Better data, in real-time, at a lower CPM. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Partner with Clickagy and let us power your next programmatic campaign with startlingly better data. Contact Clickagy today and let’s talk!

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