Half Baked Third-Party Data

      The marijuana industry has grown substantially in recent years, yet the industry does not hold a solid presence on the public market. Cannabis dispensaries and providers, both existing and new entrants, plan on reaching a direct set of consumers to drive sales, but are your current audience channels for cannabis marketing low-grade schwag?

     Instead of spending top dollar on traditional marketing channels, the industry is always looking to find new ways of reaching the right-mentality audience, and 420-centric audiences are seeing explosive success leveraging Clickagy’s data to reach their recreational and cannabidiol (CBD) medical users digitally. Programmatic marketing has changed the way products and services are advertised to a target market, and it has quickly become one of the most effective ways to drive engagement. When developing a competitive strategy, it’s essential to engage your herbalists in the most efficient way possible.

    In order to reach the right people, a dispensary needs to place their ads in front of a specialized audience that Clickagy provides. Online customers value a tailored and personalized experience that provides them with clear-cut content, however, targeting the right audience may prove to be difficult at times. The cannabis marketing environment is clouded, but with the right people to target, the smoke clears. Ads can no longer be served to anyone with a pulse because not everyone will buy your products. The most effective marijuana-focused campaigns don’t use generic demographic segments or domain targeting. Instead, Clickagy works with you to find people who have been observed consuming content relevant to your campaign.

    An effective way to for an advertising campaign to reach a specified target market is by utilizing third-party data to pinpoint an audience like Marijuana Enthusiasts.

    Clickagy helps organizations gain a competitive advantage through our custom, high-precision audiences built from the ground up to truly reach your ideal in-market consumers. It’s vital for cannabis providers to be able to plan strategically and find common descriptors, like psychographics, for each campaign instead of wasting resources.

    Data is everywhere, but Clickagy’s audiences are handcrafted to outperform the competition. While building an advertising campaign, it’s imperative to leverage fresh and real-time data, ensuring your target audience is both accurate and relevant. By optimizing who you are researching, your dispensary will do more than grow, it will flourish. The stakes have never been higher. Re-up with Clickagy for a fully baked experience.


Inhale third-party data.


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Leading B2B ABM Company Sees 12:1 ROI with Clickagy

Clickagy helps industry-leading B2B Account-Based Marketing company drive nearly $1.6 million in lead value, 12:1 ROI, directly attributed to Clickagy’s unique 3rd party data and real-time in-market signals.

A leading B2B ABM company just posted a 12:1 return on investment after switching to Clickagy, an innovative 3rd party data provider. By monitoring over 1.5 billion devices across the US in real-time, Clickagy observes the raw topical research behavior by businesses, providing account-based marketing companies with unique opportunities to maximize ROI and drive increased B2B lead volume.

Clickagy concluded this campaign for an industry-leading B2B marketing company with nearly $1.6 million in directly-attributed revenue to Clickagy, from a data spend of around $125,000 over the course of a 3-month period. The primary value extracted from this engagement was identifying accurate B2B leads which were not identified through alternative ABM feeds. The increased revenue was directly attributed to Clickagy’s ability to deliver in-market signal data in real-time, while eliminating false positives provided by other ABM signals.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a rapidly growing industry, but there is a challenging lack of high-quality data sources. From this supply/demand imbalance, Clickagy has experienced substantial growth in the B2B space by providing a unique solution for clients hoping to advance their ABM leads without sacrificing quality, which is unavoidable when leveraging look alike modeling or other fuzzy methods. Clickagy has a proven track record in the B2B space, with the average B2B/ABM client seeing a significant upturn in results while decreasing their data costs by switching to Clickagy. Instead of reselling the same off-the-shelf signals, Clickagy drives a competitive advantage in the ABM space with customized signals based on specific brands or products, which contributes directly to positive ROIs, such as this 12:1 return.

About Clickagy
Based in Atlanta, GA, Clickagy leverages a broad network and innovative tracking techniques to discover behavioral keywords, phrases and terms and create effective formulas, which classify user intent in real-time. This technology is used to illuminate potential B2B customers who have an interest in that particular business topic. Clickagy obtains an in-depth insight into browsing habits, which enables ABM companies to identify leads and employ a marketing strategy focused on relevant and highly precise outreach. Clickagy understands that selling to businesses is not straightforward, and it utilizes surgical non-modeled techniques to identify the needles in the haystacks. When embarking on a B2B campaign, Clickagy enables companies to target the influencers and those who undertake the research as a stepping stone to reaching and winning over the decision-makers. Clickagy also prides itself on providing businesses with the opportunity to operate and succeed in niche markets. Using raw data analysis on customized audiences, firms are able to target specific industries where traditional 3rd party data may prove ineffective. At a time when account based marketing is exploding, Clickagy provides real-time data with quality and scale that isn’t obtainable through other ABM feeds.

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2018 3rd Party Data Pricing Discount!

Thank you to every brand and agency that helped Clickagy experience an explosive 2017!  As we kick off 2018, we’re looking to continue our aggressive market expansion, helping clients crush their campaign goals!

So effective immediately, we’re discounting the rate on all 2,300+ real-time, deterministic audiences in the Clickagy Taxonomy by 45%, to the new, sexy price of $0.69 CPM!

This is an unprecedented price for premium, non-modeled audiences, especially at a time when our data quality is higher than ever!  Clickagy recently hired an entire team of dedicated employees, whose full-time jobs are to work with our clients and refine the quality of our segments… meaning every single day, every single one of our audiences is getting more potent and more effective!

With growing pressure on the programmatic industry, our motivation with this dramatic price drop is to help our clients hit their campaign KPIs without the CPM costs becoming prohibitive.  As of today, we are officially the highest quality 3rd party data provider on the market, while maintaining actionable scale and one of the lowest data prices in the history of digital marketing!

The 3rd party data industry is broken!  There’s little transparency, little quality, little flexibility, and from that, little confidence.  Clickagy is on a crusade to do right by marketers, driving value with proven quality at fair prices.  This year we aim to become an ubiquitous staple in every programmatic campaign, and with this pricing announcement, there’s truly no reason to omit Clickagy’s unique audiences from your programmatic strategy.

Our Audience Lab custom data will now be priced at $0.99 CPM, and any existing client contracts will be migrated to the new pricing model this week.

Thanks everyone for making 2017 amazing, and let’s make 2018 even better!

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