Solve Your Analytics Problem With Behavioral Data

Solve Your Analytics Problem With Behavioral Data

In these decades of accelerated change, marketers seeking success stick to the most fundamental tenet of their trade: understanding their customers. Every brand’s success is built on that foundation. The best marketers of all get that, so using high-quality data to fuel your analytics solutions and reach an accurate understanding of your consumers is essential.

In a perfect world, the gears of behavioral analytics are well-greased by high response rates to surveys and feedback from positive and insightful consumers. However, marketers like you deal with a world in which the opposite is true. For a laughably high price, only inconsistent and small-scale survey data is available for purchase, leaving a high-quality or conclusive analysis of that data totally out of the question.

Just like you hope to do, Clickagy sees the need of its customers and meets the analytics quality problem head-on with a solution so simple: behavioral data that actually means something. By collecting all of our own data, we ensure its quality. By packaging it ourselves, we guarantee “freshness”. And by understanding its implications, we direct our clients toward success and leave them satisfied and asking for more. That’s the beauty of our “farm-to-table” data. 

Think about the last time you read an interesting statistic about the online behavior of consumers only to realize that it was released months ago, rendering even its most basic implication useless to you? Clickagy has sidestepped that problem by collecting all of its data in real-time, curating and improving our segments as we go to ensure data that is relevant to your analytics team right now.  

Here’s another move that you really can’t ignore: we are cheaper than most other behavioral data solutions.  At $0.69 CPM for pre-existing audiences and $0.99 CPM for custom, Clickagy data would save your budget even if it kept the same low standard other companies settle for. 

Or, maybe you have a budget large enough that the quality of data matters less than the quantity. That’s okay by us; we can handle your demand for scale. But in the face of any size project, we will continue to insist on meeting your demand for scale with quality data that scores. 

Take a look at our curated audiences to see what questions we can help answer or contact our sales team to learn more about custom audiences tailored to your specific ask!

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