The Many Faces of the Cosmetic Industry

The Many Faces of the Cosmetic Industry

In today’s ruthless beauty business, having a vague idea of who’s in your target audience is not enough. A profound knowledge of your intended audience is a vital part of engaging this particular group of consumers. Don’t cast such a wide net to reach as many consumers as possible that you waste money reaching those who are completely uninterested in everything the cosmetic industry has to offer. A misuse of segmentation could make you lose out on business and miss sales opportunities.

Whether it’s a large or niche market, targeting a specific group of people who have shown an interest in your products or services is a key part of pushing content that is effective. It’s essential for smaller cosmetics companies with a limited marketing budget to focus on a specific market segment. This will narrow down who you are marketing to and, at the same time, increase your ROI because you’ll be spending less and targeting better consumers. 

Instead of marketing to the masses and hoping to reach some with the right message, Clickagy’s innovative segments of accurate 3rd party data will increase ROI while eliminating wasted spend. Our existing audiences in the cosmetology industry currently reach: 

Hair Care

A large number of hair products are available to meet the growing demands of the industry – from shampoo to styling products. Today, consumers are concerned about their hair aesthetics as well as scalp nourishment for longer, healthier, thicker hair. The professional hair care marketing is thriving in both products and beauty salons. This target segment includes consumers who have been observed researching different types of hair care products online. 


Makeup application is often considered an art form! This colorful market includes anything from blush to lip stains that women of all ages and races find appealing. As the beauty market continues to defy gravity, reach the right consumers when they are prepared to purchase an item to add to their colorful collection. As makeup gurus know so well, slight differences make a huge impact. We’ll help you reach everyone according to their own taste and skin type. 

Clickagy can overlay a filter on segments to better help you reach those who are observed researching makeup free of parabens, harmful chemicals, or organic products. Clean cosmetics are trendy, and targeting individuals who are interested in eco-friendly, green, and healthy products is a niche that Clickagy offers based on a consumer’s lifestyle.

Skin Care

Regardless of age, skin care is an important part of taking care of the body. Everyone wants flawless skin, and consumers are willing to pay any amount to get that glow back. One driving force behind skin care is the demand for natural or organic products. This health trend has consumers researching products without chemicals, parabens, additives, or fillers in them. From anti-aging products to BB or CC creams, this audience is filled with consumers who have been observed researching products that will hydrate and fix their skin. 

There’s no denying the value of marketing with clean data. With years of expertise, Clickagy offers effective market segments to help you target your consumers’ purchasing behavior. Let us add a little highlight to your life by increasing your ROI. Contact our team today! 

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