Why Digital Ad Campaigns Fail

Why Digital Ad Campaigns Fail

Online advertising is a central part of any contemporary marketing strategy. Many businesses struggle when it comes to advertising their services or products online; they’re spending too much money and not seeing a return. If you’re currently investing in online advertising and nothing is working, it’s time to examine why.

No one learns how to play Beethoven’s 32 piano sonatas in the first five minutes of a lesson. The piano isn’t what misses the mark, it’s the pianist. You need to learn how to play before you can become a master pianist or composer. Below are three areas you need to examine to ensure that you’re hitting the right keys for a flawless programmatic campaign.

1. Your ads are not relevant to the audience you’re targeting:

If your content does not appeal to your audience’s wants or needs, then you could be damaging your entire campaign. Stop wasting dollars on a strategy that’s putting your message in front of out-of-market or irrelevant consumers. Instead of marketing hiking boots to everyone that comes across your sporting goods website, market only to consumers who are interested in hiking. Build your business by targeting responsive consumers with compatible ads, presenting them with products based on their unique interests, and watch your ROI summit new peaks!

2. You’re focusing on traffic rather than conversions:

Why spend your precious marketing budget on generating traffic for your website? Sure, website traffic is important because more visitors increase the number of opportunities you have to gain new customers, share your brand, and deliver a great first-impression…but none of that will impress your CFO. You need conversions!

The majority of visitors won’t automatically convert into sales by being sent through your conversion funnel. In lieu of relying solely on website traffic to increase your conversion rates, focus on someone with cash in hand rather than the window shoppers who will not convert. Precise audience data is critical for driving real conversions, and Clickagy can help!

3. You’re doing exactly what your competitors are doing:

Most marketing channels are already overly saturated, so why target the same audience as your competitors? Marketing success happens when businesses are able to reach their consumers before their competitors, and with Clickagy’s fresh Farm-to-Table data, you’ll gain a competitive edge. Position yourself ahead of competing brands by handcrafting unique audiences for each specific campaign objective, instead of purchasing mass-sold, off-the-shelf segments.

How to prevent programmatic campaigns from losing money:

The best online advertising campaigns improve over time, so let’s get started today! Instead of purchasing 3rd party data that has been pre-packaged for commercial re-use, purchase granular data directly from the source.

Use Clickagy’s rich audience data to lower CPCs and CPAs by targeting your market with stunning accuracy. Partner with Clickagy and ensure your strategy is primed for prosperity!

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