Winners or Losers: Gambling Market Segments

Winners or Losers: Gambling Market Segments

The gambling industry has been booming and expanding across the world in various categories. Gambling creates the natural high and adrenaline rush that many seek without having to go skydiving. Most gamblers lose, but the activity provides an escape from everyday life in an exciting and stimulating way. 

At the heartbeat of the gambling industry lie some killer marketing strategists, working day and night to pique the interest of those who are willing to take chances. The odds are always in favor of the house (and everyone knows it), which is why a great marketing strategy needs to be utilized to maintain the jackpot allure. Aside from retaining consumers who have spent money on the various types of gambling operations, your marketing strategy should provide the perfect consumers irresistible offers at the right time. Gambling marketers work hard to generate repeated visitations or chances taken, which is why it’s important to determine who is in-market or interested in gambling and how they like to play in order to appeal to them. 

Instead of only contributing to analysis and predictions, consumer behavioral data is a necessary part of effective programmatic advertising, giving you a better understanding on what will appeal to consumers to keep the casino floor crowded. Market segmentation groups a population into subcategories based on their attitudes, behaviors, and participation in various gambling categories. Thus, making it easier to have a unique market influence over those consumers in each niche.

Marketing to consumers when they are primed to purchase is key! Not all consumers who visit a casino resort are interested in gambling. Some of them simply want to visit the luxurious spa at the resort. Casinos have become resort-style complexes packed with gourmet restaurants, upscales stores, lavish spas, and ‘happening’ nightclubs. Targeting visitors to the casino under the assumption that they enjoy gambling may saturate your campaign with inaccurate data and waste spend.

Another popular form of gambling revolves around betting. These winnings come with a lot of research when it comes to sports betting and racing. Predicting the winners and placing wagers on the outcome gets a gambler’s heart rate pumping. As gaming competition increases, fantasy sports has grown tremendously and it continues to grow each year. North America commands the global industry and the number of players in the USA has been increasing regardless of the laws and regulations surrounding it. Use their research time to influence them to bet more by targeting them before they place their initial bet.  

Are you tired of only targeting the high income bracket? Try reaching out to these people who show an interest in gambling and entice them to try the real deal! The lottery can be played both in-person and online now days. Online gambling has increased since cryptocurrencies have been incorporated into the market. Not all forms of the lottery are played online, though. Many consumers still enjoy paying cash and holding onto that yellow ticket, clutching it as the numbers are drawn and then crumbling it into a ball when they lose. From scratch-off games to national lottery drawings, marketing to those who are willing to wager a bet on their favorite numbers is an essential part of being successful. 

Clickagy, a data provider, helps you generate more revenue within the casino by focusing your advertising efforts on each subgroup of people who gamble so you can reach your specific goals. Clickagy’s audience segments provide you with patrons who are more than willing to make a bet.

Let’s roll the dice on this one and double down on your data. Clickagy provides actionable insights to help businesses identify marketing opportunities and grow ROI! Contact us today for more information – we’ll be the ace up your sleeve.

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