Privacy Center

The California Consumer Privacy Act and privacy laws in certain other states allow you choices with respect to your data.

Please review the following important information before making your request:

  • Requests to access your personal information must be made before requests to delete or to opt out of tracking. Processing requests for deletion or to opt out results in deletion of the pseudonymous tracking cookie on the browser or device used to make the request, so subsequent requests for access will not link to information about your browser or device.
  • Because requests are tied to the individual browser or device used to make the request, a separate request must be made from each browser or device you wish to make a request about.
  • Requests may be made on behalf of another individual who has given the necessary authorization, but for technical reasons, these requests must be made using that individual’s browser or device.
Request access to the data about you

Want to learn about the data Clickagy has collected about you? Click the link below. Once we’ve verified your identity, we will send you a report.

Request data

Delete your data

Want to delete the linkage between your browser and device and any behavioral data we have collected? Click the link below.

Delete data

Do not sell or share data about you

Want to prevent any data we have about you from being sold? Click the link below.

Do not sell or share